10 anime characters who are secretly wealthy

It is a fact of life that there will always be people who are better off than others, whether in terms of last name, status or wealth, and this is often shown in the field of the anime. However, while some characters flaunt their money and wealth in front of others, there are still some who wish to hide their true identities for a multitude of reasons.

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Some characters just want to enjoy a “normal” life, while others may just want people to know and love them for who they are rather than for their wealth or notoriety. Many of the secrets of these characters are eventually revealed to those they trust, often with varying results and outcomes.

ten Mugi enjoyed living a “normal” life but did not completely walk away from his family’s considerable wealth (K-ON!)

k-on cake

K-ON!‘s Tsumugi Kotobuki, known as Mugi, is from a wealthy family who owns several villas and businesses across the world, but despite her tremendous financial support, she takes immeasurable joy in living as “normal” a life as possible. . She particularly enjoys fast food and works part time to earn extra money.

Mugi will often bring sweets and other goodies for the group, as her father owns a maid’s cafe. She is an example of someone who doesn’t necessarily reject her wealthy background, as she still abuses it on occasion, such as when she haunts the price of a guitar because of her father’s connections.

9 Darkness’s noble family and real name was a hilarious surprise (KonoSuba)

Darkness was already a bizarre and hilarious character in the world of KonoSuba, but the revelation that she was, in fact, the daughter of a wealthy noble family, real name Dustiness Ford Lalatina, was another hilarious dimension added to this character.

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The truth is revealed that Darkness’s father was constantly trying to marry her in arranged marriages, prompting her to flee the house and look for a group to join, she subsequently finding Kazuma’s gang of misfits. Whenever the group visits Darkness’s house or gets a glimpse into their other life, it’s such a bizarre juxtaposition, seeing the raw, masochistic tendencies of Darkness in a formal, noble setting.

8 Kuranosuke Koibuchi was the son of a wealthy political family but sought to hide his identity (Princess Jellyfish)

Medusa kuragehime princess kuranosuke

Princess Jellyfish was initially a manga series that was adapted into an anime in 2010, with the fairly straightforward premise of focusing on a female-only apartment building. There, the protagonist Tsukimi Kurashita meets the transvestite Kuranosuke Koibuchi, who must then hide his many secrets from roommates who hate men.

Kuranosuke not only hides the fact that he is in fact male, under the pseudonym “Kurako”, but he uses it as a way to hide from his family life. Son of a rich political family, he does not like politics at all and favors fashion.

seven Akira Takizawa’s initial amnesia masked her apparent wealth (Eden Of The East)

Eastern Eden System in Eastern Eden

In the Eastern Eden An animated series, Akira Takizawa’s introduction is shrouded in mystery with him suddenly appearing naked with a gun, a mysterious phone, and a severe case of amnesia.

Following the instructions of a caller on his mysterious phone, Takizawa discovers that he has 8.2 billion yen in his account as digital money and is part of a game where players are given 10 billion for save the world in some way. While not a conventional revelation of wealth, it still comes as a shock considering how it first appeared.

6 Taiga Aisaka’s lack of domestic skills and his suggested wealth of spacious accommodation (Toradora)

taiga little smile toradora

First impression of Taiga Aisaka in Toradora is that of a chaotic but stubborn girl of short stature, which makes many people fear her or at least know that she has to stay away. Ryuuji Takasu slowly comes to terms with his life situation, Taiga having moved and estranged from his parents.

Her father is said to always give her the monthly living expenses for the apartment she lives in alone, but due to her upbringing in a well-to-do family, she has virtually no housekeeping skills in the house, which makes her leads to rely on Ryûji.

5 Maika Sakuranomiya Seeks To Win Her Own Way Of Travel Abroad (Blend S)

In the Mix S anime, there are several clues that suggest that Maika Sakuranomiya belongs to a wealthy family, although she herself simply makes it a traditional family. Aside from the creepy look his smile brings, his general demeanor is formal and polite outside of his work gadget.

The introduction of her siblings wearing fancy kimonos adds more legitimacy to this idea of ​​her whole family being wealthy. Maika relocating so that she can fend for herself and earn the money to fulfill her dreams of traveling and studying abroad makes perfect sense considering that she has grown bored of traditional Japanese culture. Maiki simply delves into her bizarre role at Café Stile in order to collect the money herself to make her dreams come true.

4 Faris’ family was richer than anyone could have imagined (Steins; Gate)

Rumiho Akiha De Steins; Gate nya cat

Rumiho Akiha is mainly called Faris in the Steins; Gate anime, and although she appears to be just an enthusiastic employee of the May Queen Nyan-Nyan maid cafe, she is secretly much richer than she suggests.

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Not only does she own the maid cafe, but it is later revealed that her family owns almost all of Akihabara, a fact that she most often keeps a secret, lest people will treat her differently if they do. know the truth. Faris’ story is heartbreaking, she even sent a D-Mail to try to change the fate of her late father.

3 Lucy Heartfilia Left Her Rich Past Behind (Fairy Tail)

Fairy Tail_Lucy Heartfilia

Lucy Heartfilia left home as a teenager, defying her father and leaving him and the family’s wealth behind, but the extent of the family’s position was not immediately revealed in the Fairy tale lively. The Heartfilia family were even considered at one point to be the richest and most influential in Fiore.

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Her father, Jude, had become distant and difficult following the death of Lucy’s mother, which led to Lucy leaving the great Heartfilia Estate. Lucy left the high life behind and although she enjoyed almost every minute of her time with her new family at Fairy tale guild, she would always regret her failed relationship with her father.

2 Wan Sui changed schools hoping to be appreciated for him rather than his wealth (Please take my brother!)

Please take my brother Wan Sui

Please take my brother! is a Chinese manhua web series which got an anime adaptation in 2017 with the Japanese title Ani ni Tsukeru Kusuri wa Nai! as well as a television series called Take my brother, which is on Netflix.

While the main premise is the war between brother and sister, a supporting character named Wan Sui is introduced who transfers to high school, hoping to keep his family rich and his background a secret as he doesn’t want people to try. to be friends with him just because of his money.

1 Takumi Usui had a wealthy British family who kept him financially healthy (Maid Sama!)

Housekeeper Sama! is an anime that focuses on love and secrets among a lot of things, and while Misaki Ayuzawa has her secret regarding her work in a maid cafe, Takumi Usui also has her own secret.

In the anime, rumors circulate about Takumi’s private life, suggesting that he is rich. However, when he finally feels comfortable enough with Misaki to talk about it, it turns out that he is an illegitimate child of a British family. His English grandfather and the rest of the family help Takumi financially as they don’t want him to work part-time and risk revealing his secret, paying for his school fees and nice accommodation.

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