10 Anime Heroes Whose Outfits Reflect Their Personalities

One of the most important things when creating an anime is character design. Characters with the best designs are easy to recognize with nothing but their silhouette. While it’s important for anime heroes to be beautiful and memorable, it’s also important for a character’s design to reflect who they are as a person.

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In real life, people wear clothes that reflect the type of people they want to be, and the same goes for anime characters. Not all anime characters are able to express themselves through their clothes, but those who do make sure people know exactly what kind of person they are.

ten Bakugo’s costume is explosive (My Hero Academia)

A loud and brash person like Bakugo may have to wear a uniform most of the day at my hero academia, but he makes sure his personality shines through in his costume. He may not look like someone who loves color, but the green, black, and orange of his suit does a great job of expressing his explosive nature.

For anyone unsure of what Bakugo’s Quirk can do, Giant Explosive Grenades are a dead giveaway. Unfortunately, for any villain he faces, these gauntlets aren’t just for fashion – they’re also functional. When it comes to expressing his explosive nature, Bakugo shows it in his costume.

9 Tengen shows how flashy he can be (Demon Slayer)

The members of the demon slayer Corp may wear uniforms, but that does not prevent its members from customizing them. This is especially true for Hashira like Tengen, whose clothes reflect her status and profession. As a former ninja, he’s the only Hashira who doesn’t wear haori, which makes sense considering it would hamper his movements.

However, a flashy swordsman like Tengen values ​​more than practicality when it comes to his outfits. The crystal headband, loud makeup, and colorful nail polish do a great job of showing off her flashy personality. Then again, since his uniform is so simple, it only makes sense that he would show up in another way.

8 Usagi likes to be cute (Sailor Moon)

Makes sense for a bright, bubbly girl like Usagi from Sailor Moon having an outfit that shows how cute she can be. She wears a normal school uniform during her daily life, but when dressed as Sailor Moon, she gets all the pretty ruffles and colors her heart desires.

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This is especially true for Usagi’s Super Sailor Moon outfit, which has the same silhouette as the original costume, but stands out more with its vibrant ombre coloring. Even the beautiful dresses worn by Princess Serenity do a great job of showing Usagi’s love for cute and romantic outfits.

seven Chuuya is a delinquent at heart (Bungou Stray Dogs)

While most of the characters in Bungou Stray Dogs wearing only costumes, Chuuya manages to shake things up. During his teenage years, he wore skinny jeans and a leather jacket, which perfectly reflected his delinquent personality.

Chuuya may improve his attire as an adult, but that delinquent energy still shines through, despite wearing a pointy suit and hat. Paired with the coat draped over her shoulders, her character really knows how to say “I’m better than everyone else” without actually saying it.

6 Aizawa doesn’t like to stand out (My Hero Academia)

As a hero who values ​​function over fashion, My Hero Academia Aizawa isn’t one to think too much about his hero costume. He is a rational man, after all, and his costume reflects his need for comfort and friendliness over looks.

Aizawa isn’t the type that likes to stand out either, which means the noir does a great job of hiding him from the bad guys and the media. Aizawa might have a pop of color with his yellow goggles, but since they were a gift from his childhood friend, Oboro, it makes sense that they stand out from the rest of his costume.

5 Naruto wants to be seen in many ways (Naruto)

A bright yellow jumpsuit might not be the smartest outfit for someone training to be a ninja. naruto, but considering Naruto’s personality, it makes sense that he would wear something as heinous as him. During bell training with Kakashi, Naruto proves he’s not the kind of ninja who punches from the shadows.

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Naruto charges his opponents head-on, so the bright orange outfit doesn’t bother him in the slightest. Plus, she’s the kind of person who likes to stand out from the rest of the world, so wearing an outfit that can easily be spotted from anywhere makes sense.

4 Erza’s outfit is business on top and party on the bottom (Fairy Tail)

Erza’s armor may be part of her fighting style in Fairy tale, but it’s also a great indicator of his personality. He is one of the strongest members of his guild and also the most serious. She gives off the impression of a chivalrous knight, which makes sense considering the armor she constantly wears.

Even though Erza is a practical girl, she’s also not afraid to have fun whenever she gets the chance. The blue skirt with one type of armor may seem random, but it perfectly captures her serious and fun personality.

​​​​​​​Edward Elric can wear a basic black outfit in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, but that doesn’t mean his costume lacks style. Since he’s the only character to wear anything other than a military uniform, his outfit tends to stand out even more.

As the youngest State Alchemist, Ed likes to present himself as different from everyone else, but he also has a strong personality that’s hard to ignore. This is amplified by his long red coat, which adds a bit of decoration to his plain costume. Ed may be a small character, but he has a bigger personality which is reflected in the clothes he chooses to wear.

2 Mikasa leans on his scarf (Attack On Titan)

Mikasa wears a military uniform most of the time The attack of the Titans, but that doesn’t mean she never gets the chance to let her personality shine through. She’s an incredible fighter and tomboyish in nature, so she tends to prioritize comfort above all else. Even as a child, she wore plain skirts and tops that accentuated her androgynous appearance.

Even Mikasa’s red scarf shows her personality despite it being a gift from Eren. The scarf reflects his state of mind and self-awareness. When she is unsure of herself, Mikasa likes to hide her face in her headscarf, but once she makes up her mind, the headscarf is dropped.

1 Towa likes to be a tomboy (Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon)

Towa of Yashahime: Half-Demon Princess is another character who likes to maintain an androgynous appearance. While most girls her age wear the stereotypical schoolgirl outfit, Towa prefers to wear a boy’s uniform.

Even when Towa is in feudal times, she doesn’t change her outfit, despite the inconvenience of a white suit for fighting. The only time she wears anything other than her uniform is when she puts on a men’s kimono, which shows that she is the definition of a tomboy.

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