10 best dressed horror movie villains, ranked

Most horror villains look like monsters. Whether they’re wearing a bloody hockey mask or a red and green striped sweater, the on-screen killers leave a lot to be desired when it comes to their attire. However, there are horror villains who prefer to kill with their mode as well as their chainsaws.

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In some cases, these nasty horror fashionistas drive the suspicions of others away because of the way they dress. For others, they are so gloriously overdone that they clearly stand out from their imitating counterparts.

ten Candy

Candyman approaches a victim.

Candy is based on a story by Clive Barker about a black artist who was murdered in the 19th century after a wealthy white man learned he had a relationship with his daughter. Candyman died when a mob cut off his hand and covered him in honey, attracting enough bees to sting him to death. Through a convoluted plot device involving magic, his vengeful spirit is transferred to a mirror.

Nowadays, every time someone says their name three times while looking at themselves in a mirror, Candyman shows up and kills him. Played by Tony Todd, Candyman is distinguished by his magnificent long suede leather coat with a Viscose lining. This designer coat hides a nasty secret, however: Candyman’s body is still covered in all the bees that originally killed him.

9 Rose the hat

Rose The Hat using her powers.

Rose the Hat is the main antagonist of The brilliant after Doctor Sleep. Unlike Jack Torrance, who would never be accused of being a well-dressed man, Rose the Hat has a unique look with her sleek top hat and colorful scarves.

With a demonic shirt that looks better like Rose than it ever could be like Jack and braids that looked better than he ever had the right to, Rose the Hat is easily one of the dressier villains. of modern cinema.

8 Damien

Nothing is more sinister than a small child in a costume, and that helped make the Antichrist even scarier in Richard Donner’s 1976 film. The omen. In the film, an American ambassador, Robert Thorn, secretly adopts a baby after his son’s mysterious death during childbirth. Robert and his wife name their adopted son Damien and for several years the family has led a normal life. Once the murders begin, however, they find out that their son is the Antichrist.

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Damien flaunts his preppy fashion sense throughout the film, with cardigans and woolen pants being the two favorite pieces of clothing for Satan’s son. At the end of the film, as he attends the funerals of the adoptive parents he helped kill, Damien is still impeccably dressed in a small suit and a cozy woolen cap.

7 beetle juice

Beetlejuice sitting in the cemetery.

While many people might not find Beetlejuice so appealing, he has a flair and flamboyance that has one big fan: himself. Beetlejuice is a selfish demon who acts as an exorcist who can cast out the living to help the dead exist peacefully in the afterlife.

With her signature striped suit, Beetlejuice’s fashion sense is flashy and over the top. He even knows when to dress for the right occasion; in his failed attempt to marry Lydia Deetz, he wore a wonderfully clingy crimson tuxedo suit with an understated pink ruffled shirt.

6 Pennywise

Pennywise holding a balloon.

Can someone be well dressed and scary at the same time? In the case of Pennywise the Dancing Clown, the answer is a resounding yes.

In the 1990 TV miniseries He, Pennywise was dressed like an ordinary clown: a red nose, an equally shiny red wig, and a colorful but simple jester outfit. However, in 2017 and 2019 He movies, Pennywise received a fashion upgrade and was dressed in frills, ruffles, and fancy boots. While the 1990 version of Pennywise sported a regular clown costume to inspire chills, the Pennywise cutscene adopted a decadent, decrepit look that made her evil clown menacing.

5 Hannibal lecter

Hannibal serving dinner.

Hannibal Lecter is not only a cannibalistic killer but also an ally of FBI agent Clarice Starling in the 1991 film Thesilenceofthelambs. In his minimal screen time, Hannibal initially showed off a lackluster fashion style by wearing blue prison sweaters or plain white undershirts.

Dr. Lecter improved his fashion style in the 2001 film Annibal, where he appeared heavily dressed in expensive bespoke suits. Add in Hannibal’s appearances on the TV series, where he was also dressed in designer clothes, and Hannibal is a horror villain who cares as much about his appearance as he cares about what’s on the menu.

4 Sil

Sil in Species buying a dress.

Sil is an alien / human hybrid from the 1995 film Species. Sil’s main mission in the film is to mate with someone in any way necessary for his kind to take over the world. Sil’s strength and violent nature often left her companions dead when she was done with them.

When Sil begins her quest to find a mate, she discovers that she needs an outfit that will grab the attention of any man who crosses her path. Her first attempt is more comical than effective as she wears a frilly white wedding dress. Sil soon discovers that a wedding dress is not the best way to attract the male population of Los Angeles and soon abandons it for more reasonable outfits.

3 Pinhead

Pinhead approaching a victim.

Pinhead is a special type of best dressed horror villain. Pinhead’s costume includes a black leather long sleeve top that covers his neck. He compliments her top with a long black leather dress that flows to the floor.

Pinhead also wears a large black corset on her waist which effectively refines her figure. Perhaps most famous, Pinhead sports the ultimate fashion accessory: a face full of pins that are embedded in his skull. The demon Hellraiser is easily one of the sleekest, most avant-garde villains in horror movie history.

2 Patrick bateman

Patrick Bateman seated in a chair in American Psycho.

When it comes to the best dressed horror villains, Patrick Bateman has beaten everyone up when it comes to style and panache.

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American psychopath takes place in the superficial world of 1980s corporate culture, when yuppies ruled the workplace and image was everything. What made Patrick unique was that he was so obsessed with looking better than everyone around him, he would kill anyone to achieve the perfect look. From his immaculate tan to his custom Brooks Brothers suits, Bateman looked perfect from head to toe.

1 Dracula

Dracula walking the streets.

While Patrick Bateman was by far the best dressed horror villain when it comes to modern clothing, there is one man who trumps almost every point: Count Dracula.

At Francis Ford Coppola Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Gary Oldman plays the legendary bloodsucker. The film presents Dracula as an old man with his hair wrapped in two updos and his body draped in a crimson red cape. When he arrived in London, Dracula aged his appearance and adopted the “modern” look of the Edwardian aristocrat: top hat, long coat and dark blue glasses. It’s no surprise that Eiko Ishioka won the Oscar for Best Costume Design for her work in creating Dracula’s pristine fashion sense.

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