10 Movies Reddit Users Think Had An Impact On Fashion

Cinema has a history of inspiring change, whether in social issues, popular culture or even fashion. From brightly colored iconic jackets to tailored suits, it’s safe to say that the world of film has definitely had an impact on the world of fashion. The on-screen characters that viewers fall in love with, or in some cases love to hate, have provided fans with an array of interesting outfits that range from alternative to suave.

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Reddit user dinof526 acknowledged the impact these iconic sets had on fans and asked fellow Redditors for help in finding movies that inspired viewers’ sense of style.


The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011)

The girl with the dragon tattoo is a mystery thriller that has captivated viewers in more ways than one, including its use of fashion. The film created a main character who took on a more punk rock look compared to the award-winning, proper viewers that viewers so often see in thrillers.

Reddit user TheBizness shared, “I take inspiration from every movie/show I watch these days, but in particular Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was so awesome.” Lisbeth single-handedly taught every viewer that you don’t have to follow popular trends to look good; her dress sense saw an increase in short bangs, piercings and leather jackets, with many explaining that Lisbeth’s style inspired them to dress and feel tough.

The Darjeeling Limited (2007)

The brothers of The Darjeeling Limited

Despite being a visually stunning and unique adventure film, The Darjeeling Limited is one of Wes Anderson’s most underrated films. Wes Anderson used vibrant colors to create a beautiful film somewhat overshadowed by each character’s sense of style. Each brother was dressed to perfection, often seen in well-cut suave suits, even when they themselves looked a little disheveled.

These well-dressed suits were paired with iconic sunglasses and highly decorative suitcases that were handcrafted carriers of uniqueness. Reddit user VealHatTrickFerris claimed that “the costumes, the luggage, the props… They were all beautiful.” Even the brothers’ sleepwear and matching eye masks explored that of high fashion, prompting some fans to seek out high-quality pajama sets.

The Matrix (1999)

Neo and Agent Smith clash during The Matrix Reloaded

The matrix continues to be an iconic film even now, with many longtime fans still watching it today. It not only provided fans with a complex and action-packed storyline, but also fashion inspiration that would gain popularity over the years.

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The matrix sunglasses were just the beginning as many fans began to enjoy an all-black outfit often accompanied by a full-length trench coat and endless amounts of leather. Reddit user the3r1c was quick to declare, “The Matrix obviously”, with several fans replacing the name “full trench coat” with the title “The Matrix coat”, proving just how iconic the film was in fashion terms only.

This is England (2006)

It’s England features some of the best performances to date, particularly from British legend Stephen Graham, but for many Brits this film perfectly encapsulates British culture, even through its on-screen fashion. Cuffed jeans to Doc Martens, It’s England identified some iconic British fashion staples and reignited people’s love for them, including the somewhat controversial double denim.

The film saw a resurgence in bomber jackets alongside Fred Perry polo shirts, encouraging many retailers to cater to this new trend, with cuffed jeans now ready for purchase rather than a DIY job. Reddit user Coyle was a fan who shared that “the styling is awesome.”

American Psycho (2000)

Patrick Bateman with an ax in American Psycho.

Patrick Bateman is easily one of the hottest fictional characters to date, with Metal_Lyrics declaring “Patrick’s style was flawless.” Her costumes are tailored to perfection, each with a unique charm. Although each suit is beautifully crafted, Patrick seems to be the only person who can create pattern contrasts, with his tie, shirt, and suit featuring a range of patterns.

However, it was not just his suits that captured the hearts of fashion lovers, but also, in an offbeat way, his iconic full-length see-through raincoat. The raincoat is now a fashion staple, and many festival goers are now looking for a transparent rain jacket that will keep them dry while showing off their intricate outfit.

Ocean’s Eleven (2001)

The cast of Oceans Eleven

Ocean’s Eleven is a forgotten blockbuster from the 2000s, but one thing fans haven’t forgotten is the impact the film has had and continues to have on the fashion scene. Each character had their own unique sense of style, all loosely based on stylish attire, which made everyone interesting.

The movie encouraged viewers to experiment with their existing smart clothes by showcasing several different looks through a single base layer. From buttoned royal suits to a more daring look, Ocean’s Eleven gave the stylish outfit a way to be fashionable again rather than mundane. HailToTheVictors expressed how much they appreciated that “every character had such a distinct style, and it was such an awesome, cool look”, which has since been reflected off-screen.

Moonrise Kingdom (2012)

The Narrator looks up in Moonrise Kingdom

Moonrise Kingdom is just another one of Wes Anderson’s playful, colorful, and endearing films that captured the hearts of viewers while convincing others to buy a bright red coat. Reddit user yoyo_shi was just a fan completely in love with each character’s dress sense, stating that they “especially loved the narrator’s outfit and the khaki scout uniforms.”

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The playful element that Wes Anderson emanates from his movies has come to life through the characters’ outfits, including the famous red coat that has made many users nostalgic for their childhood. The famous red coat associated with the pompom beanie prompted many to look for a coat that would bring them the same comfort as the warm outfit.

500 Days of Summer (2009)

There are many lessons that 500 days of summer taught its viewers like an unconventional romance movie, but it also taught many fans how to dress better. A Reddit user explained, “…no movie has had a greater effect on the way I dress than this one”, with the two main characters embodying the transition from youth to adulthood professional through their clothes.

From sweater vests to cute blouses, Tom and Summer reflected the professional style of dress worn by many young professionals, as seen through iconic TV couples like Pam and Jim. The film taught many young viewers how to dress like an adult while maintaining their youthfulness, leading many fans to buy their own wardrobe inspired by Tom and Summer’s.

Creation (2010)

Joseph Gordon-Levitt was something of a fashion icon in the 2000s, with his role as Tom turning heads for his wardrobe of sweater vests, but it was his role as Arthur that earned him an A grade in high-end fashion. In the film, her character was always seen with her hair slicked back and was always in a tight-fitting costume.

Her slim three-piece suit sparked a new trend in the world of professional tailoring, with fans like dinof526 explaining, “Her character in this movie inspired the new slim three-piece suit.” This new slim look moved away from the oversized suit jackets that hung over men’s shoulders and broke down the shirt and tie combination by adding an extra layer that also avoided the dreaded skipped button, leading to its growing popularity.

Crazy, Stupid, In Love. (2011)

Crazy, Stupid, In Love. not only provided viewers with a hilarious romance, but also some pretty sound fashion advice from style icon: Ryan Gosling. In the film, Ryan plays a man called Jacob, whose style gives off a rich vibe while suggesting that Jacob is a neat man and takes pride in his appearance, which makes him all the more appealing.

Reddit user zzzpoohzzz commented on how the film is a good movie that “even goes into style detail. ‘Be Better Than The Gap’ embracing the idea that looking good sometimes equals feeling good.

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