10 Subtle Costume Details You May Have Missed On The First Watch

Thor: Love and Thunder saw the God of Thunder don many different costumes, many of which were directly inspired by Marvel comics. But no matter which Marvel Cinematic Universe Thor appeared in, the costumes and armor he wears often have hidden details that many wouldn’t have noticed on a first watch.

These costume choices are mostly tied to character development, with each element saying something more about the Asgardian. Other choices were for practicality or perhaps continuity with the comics themselves. When rewatching, the public should look for these subtle inclusions.


ten The Golds of Asgard

thor's love and thunder review

Looking at the other costumes worn by Thor throughout the MCU, it’s very rare to see the gold color included in the uniform. Silver, red, and even some blues are often chosen to adorn armor, and Jane Foster’s costume variation matches that precedent.

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Sure, the golds could have been brought in to set Jane’s costume apart, but despite not being king, Thor took on a leadership role here in a way he hadn’t before. The golds not only represent that royal status and possibly royal coronation, but also nod to lost Asgard, the palace built of gold whose memory Thor is trying to keep alive.

9 The helmet of the first Thor

A young Thor wears his classic comic book costume in Thor Love And Thunder.

The first time audiences see Thor in the saga is when he’s wearing a silver helmet with wings, an homage to the comics but one that doesn’t last very long. It was an interesting way to adapt the look, but not one that could be revived later in the franchise.

Watching flashbacks of a young Thor in love and thunder the teenager can be seen wearing the same helmet design as that first MCU movie. Interestingly, the wings don’t seem as long as the eventual helmet, suggesting that they become more prominent as the hero becomes more established.

8 The Nordic symbolism of her dresses

Pom Klemntieff, Chris Pratt and Chris Hemsworth in Thor: Love and Thunder

Thor tries to live a peaceful life in Thor: Love and Thunder, at least until he is called upon to attempt to turn the tide of a battle. As he continues to meditate and reflect on his past, he has adopted a robe that allows him to continue channeling his spirituality.

The imagery of the robe however is very much based on previous symbolism. The scribbles on the fabrics resemble cosmic art shown in the comics. However, the pink circles reflect the Norse marks left on the ground after using the Bifrost, nodding towards ancient mythology.

seven Viking Reminders

So far, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has played more on Thor’s comic book origins and his cosmic past, rather than the Viking and Norse legends the character was originally drawn from. The latest costume, based on the source material, changes that.

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For the first time, the costume design uses many fabrics and techniques that the Vikings would have known. Most notably, the fur coat is something Thor has never used on screen before, but the warrior decided to try and tap into his heritage with this intriguing look. It has to do with the fact that as he moves away from home, he continues to search for a way to identify with his past.

6 Rival Star-Lord

Chris Hemsworth as Thor Odinson in Thor Love and Thunder

Thor teams up with the Guardians of the Galaxy in a team that is dubbed in the comics as the Asgardians of the Galaxy. The partnership is partly based on the rivalry with Star-Lord, whom Thor sees as a threat when it comes to the leadership of the group.

Of course, Thor isn’t the leader of the team at all, but he’s fashioning himself after Peter Quill. His t-shirt continues to use the Norse legend’s Bifrost imagery, but the leather jacket with studs looks a lot like an alternate Star-Lord look, notably referencing a variant of the Multiverse in the Guardians of the Galaxy Square Enix video game.

5 Continuity discs

Thor prepares to fight the Hulk at Ragnarok.

The round discs on Thor’s armor have always been attributed to the hero. It’s quite an Asgardian item and has been worn by other royals, including Odin himself. However, when Thor’s identity is stripped from him, he continues to wear these round discs.

They have been present on nearly every variation of his costume, but the one version of his costume where they are featured the least is his gladiator armor, where he has very little choice in deciding what he can wear. Additionally, what was once a symbol of strength and identity for Thor has become a way to control him. Yet he continues to choose this symbol in the future, reminding him of his past.

4 Parallels of Odin

The armor that Thor donned for Thor: The Dark World is the closest he’s ever gotten to Odin’s costume. There are several shots designed to demonstrate the parallels, even if it’s not noticed the first time. The shoulder pads have been reshaped slightly and the colors are shifted to continue to reflect.

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The idea behind it is to reflect the idea that Thor is preparing to be king. Throughout his journey, it always seemed like Thor was destined to be the ruler of Asgard, but he’d never felt that pressure more than when his very home was attacked by the Dark Elves. Once he lets go of the idea that he will be king, his costume will change to reflect that, evolving into a more individual style.

3 Neck guard continuity

thor infinity war rocket groot

It might sound weird, but the first time Thor got a neck guard on his armor was after his hair was cut. Maybe it just wasn’t practical for the hero to have that extra defense while he had long hair, but once he got shorter, he became a bigger target for his enemies.

Thus, the Gladiator Arena costume is the first to use the neck guard, but successive Shorthaired Thor armors continue to use this same design. It’s a piece of continuity that many fans would have forgotten about but one that makes sense in the evolution of the character.

2 Thor in disguise

An improvement that could be attributed to love and thunder is the wide range of costumes that Thor can wear. Among them is his casual outfit, which he continues to wear as he gets into better shape. There’s a hilarious inclusion here though that notes Thor’s connection to the Avengers.

He loves being one of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, though he never really fit in with the gang, being left out of the debates at times. The hat is a big gag, but it also references the larger MCU. When Marvel heroes want to blend in, they wear a cap; it became a running joke. Thor wants to blend in with the heroes around him and so honors the Avengers in two different ways.

1 Jane’s armband

Jane Foster holding Mjolnir in Thor Love and Thunder

It sounds silly to say, but one of the few elements that stand out from Jane Foster’s costume is her armband. He feels very human in his inclusion, almost like he’s part of training gear, rather than featured in Asgardian armor, allowing him to be differentiated from Thor.

But what’s more, it’s also used on her right arm, which is both the arm used to wield Mjolnir and also the arm that audiences see used to help treat Jane’s cancer. There’s something quite symbolic about that, as if the band were used as a reminder of his bravery and heroism, alongside his human origins despite his divine gifts.

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