10 superheroes who wear the coolest jackets

The most popular superheroes have achieved iconic status because comic book readers can’t get enough of them. Some superheroes are cool because they have flashy powers or have the funniest one-liners, but there are others who add swagger to their style by simply wearing a great jacket.

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While Gambit is a soft-spoken mutant with impressive explosive abilities, his trench coat completes his iconic look and highlights his cold demeanor. Although it takes more than just wearing a leather or denim jacket to be a great hero, these superheroes prove there’s nothing wrong with looking good while fighting crime and saving the world.

ten Jubilee always looks stunning in her yellow jacket

Jubilee is said to have one of the worst powers in the Marvel Universe. As a member of the X-Men, Jubilee works alongside some of the most powerful mutants, and it can be hard for some to see Jubilee as a cool hero.

While Jubilee’s flashy powers might not make her a powerful mutant, they go well with her sleek jacket and shiny pink sunglasses that she wears with her cute outfit. Along with her explosive fireworks, Jubilee’s bright yellow jacket matches her bubbly personality and makes her a memorable superhero.

9 Rogue practically created the cropped jacket

Although her ability to absorb her energy and leave her unconscious through skin contact may seem frightening, Rogue is one of the most compassionate and fun Marvel characters. With his Southern drawl, charming attitude, and fashion sense, there’s no doubt Snape would be fun to hang out with.

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Rogue’s cropped green or brown jacket perfectly matches his flirty personality. With the X-Men logo stitched on the right sleeve, Rogue’s jacket is an iconic fashion piece that Marvel fans would love to get their hands on.

8 Ghost Rider/Johnny Blaze’s Spiky Leather Is Direct Fire

As a former stuntman, Johnny Blaze probably had no trouble earning some cool points. Even his name had an impressive resonance. While many see Ghost Rider as an anti-hero, the fact that he willingly sold his soul to cure his adoptive father of cancer proves that he was a hero before he won his flames.

Riding around with a flaming skull on a tricked-out motorbike, Johnny Blaze has proven to be an intriguing character since his debut in Spotlight on Marvel #5, byGary Friedrich, Mike Ploog and Jon Costa. When the 1990s ghost rider released, Blaze’s new look included a shoulder-spiked leather jacket that made him look fiercer than ever.

seven The Black Canary Jacket screams a classic fashion icon

Make his first appearance in Flash Comics #86 by Robert Kanigher, Lee Elias and Joe Kubert — Dinah Drake became the first Black Canary and a feminist icon. Doing justice to tricksters and villains alike, Drake has proven herself to be a capable heroine and a formidable adversary.

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Black Canary’s fishnet stockings might have been a controversial fashion statement, but her black leather jacket truly represented Dinah Drake’s courage and commitment to being a superhero. Her courage on and off the court inspired her daughter, Dinah Laurel Lance, to become the future Black Canary while sporting the same classic look.

6 Jessica Jones’ jacket is a statement

Jessica Jones may not consider herself an influential heroine, but there are several reasons why comic book fans look up to her. Besides being married to Luke Cage and becoming a loving mother to a beautiful baby girl, Jessica Jones has a tragic past that some readers can relate to.

After being tortured and manipulated by Kilgrave when she was known as Jewel, Jessica Jones swapped her tight white and blue leotard for a sleek black leather jacket. Jessica’s new look portrayed a confident private detective determined to overcome her past and chart a bold new future.

5 Kon-El’s jacket suits his style perfectly

As a clone created with a mixture of Superman and Lex Luthor DNA, Kon-El is known for his powerful abilities and superior intellect. Equipped with many of Superman’s powers and Lex Luthor’s level of intelligence, Kon-El proved himself a fearless hero as Superboy.

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Besides loving the Superboy character, many comic book readers envy his neat jacket. While some point out that Kon-El’s jacket ruins his costume and he doesn’t need it since he’s immune to freezing, a replica of Superboy’s jacket would look great on anyone.

4 Ghost Rider/Robbie Reyes’ Jacket Completes His Fiery Ride

Robbie Reyes became a Ghost Rider after being possessed by his uncle, serial killer Eli Morrow. Prior to bonding with Reyes, Morrow’s spirit was bonded to a 1969 Charger D/T that Robbie Reyes used as his ghostly ride, dubbing it the Hell Charger.

Along with his sweet ride, Robbie Reyes’ costume design has become one of the best looks among all Ghost Riders. Paying homage to Johnny Blaze’s original stunt suit, the center lines on Robbie Reyes’ black jacket matched the sleek design of his muscle car.

3 America shines like a star in her jacket

As a Latinx LGBTQ+ superhero, America Chavez is an inspirational character currently making waves in the Marvel Universe. With his superhero strength and unique ability to punch through star-shaped portals, Chavez has a reputation as one of the coolest modern superheroes.

Since her comic book debut, America Chavez’s costumes have been inspired by the pattern of the American flag. From a hoodie to a bomber jacket to his popular denim jacket, Chavez’s look always featured stars and stripes. America Chavez and his jacket embody the idea that anyone can be a symbol of heroism and patriotism.

2 The jacket of a Starry Jack knight

Son of former Starman, Ted Knight, Jack Knight wasn’t always inspired to be a hero. After a phase of rebellion, it took the death of then-Starman, his brother David, for Jack to return to his family legacy.

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Finally deciding to wield the Cosmic Staff, Jack Knight would become the inspiring hero he never imagined he would be. However, the staff was not his greatest accessory. Knight’s jacket symbolized his rebellious past, and the star on the back of his jacket helped hold Jack’s costume together.

1 Blade’s jacket is simply fantastic

Hunting down bad guys is admirable, but hunting vampires while immune to their abilities is even cooler. Since Blade’s first appearance in Dracula’s Tomb #10 – by Marv Wolfman, Gene Colan, Jack Abel, Petra Goldberg and Denise Vladimer – Blade has become a fan-favorite superhero.

Making his first appearance in a green trench coat with an attached knife holster, Blade has earned a reputation as one of the most stylish superheroes over the years. Her most notable look includes a long black leather trench jacket that perfectly complements her pair of slick shades.

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