18 rarest flowers in the world

The flowers are real mood lifters. The beautiful appearance, soothing aroma and pleasant ambience that flowers create exceeds beauty. Strolling through a garden full of blooming flowers is nothing short of therapy. As you walk through the lawns and meadows, you will come across some of the most common flowers – roses, carnations, lilies and so on. But have you ever spotted a rare flower species among them?

Rare flowers in the world

The flowers listed below are rare, exotic, and unique. We bet you didn’t know them!

  1. Indian blowjob

It’s rare, and for real. Why? Because this plant does not have chlorophyll. Yes, you heard right. Indian Pipe does not support the photosynthesis process, hence the white color. This bell-shaped flowering plant stands 2 to 12 inches tall.

  1. Titan Arum

Also known as the Corpse Flower, the plant peaks at 12 feet tall and has a beautiful, colossal flower that grows out of the ground and attracts all pollinators from afar. What makes this flower rare is that you will see it occurring once every 7-8 years.

  1. Jade vine

This beautiful vine is native to the Philippines. The flowers occur in drooping, claw-like clusters. The beautiful turquoise hue of these flowers gives them a striking and rare appearance.

  1. Western underground orchid

Winter flowers and mushrooms

This flower is rare and strange. What sets him apart from the rest is that he cannot see sunlight. This is because this plant stays underground and buds there. Unfortunately, this flower is threatened with extinction.

  1. Gibraltar Campion

As the name suggests, this flower comes from Gibraltar. It has five white to pinkish-purple split petals, making it breathtakingly beautiful. It was believed to be extinct, but was found alive in 1992.

  1. parrot beak

This rare flower resembles a flaming parrot’s beak that protrudes from its creeping branches. The plant grows in large groups and the flowers are a fiery red or bright yellow. The silvery blue foliage of this flower makes it more exotic.

  1. Black bat flower

This strange flower resembles a bat with dark wings and long filaments radiating between the two. If you look closely you will also find small eyes and a long neck. No wonder the Black Bat Flower is rare.

  1. Middlemist Red Camellia

This variety of camellia is a delight. The brilliant crimson appearance combined with the ruby ​​red hues is striking for sure. This flower is rare as only two red Middlemist camellias are present in the world today.

  1. Franklin tea flower

From its elliptical cup shape to white and gold hues, this flower is incredibly gorgeous. Franklin is called tea flower because it is related to the tea you sip.

  1. Dutchman Cactus Pipe

Also known as the queen of the night or orchid cactus, this flower is the rarest of the cacti in the family. It embraces long creeping stems producing large exotic flowers, reaching up to 30 cm in height. This flower also holds the record for one of the most expensive flowers in the world.

11. Phantom orchid

This ethereal flower looks like a ghost hanging from the plant. The rare orchid grows downward and forward and has two side wings and an undulating shape. It cannot produce its own food due to a lack of photosynthesis. Do not come across this orchid at night; you are sure to scare.

  1. Smelly Corpse Lily

This flower is rare, massive, unusual and very smelly. In fact, the smelly corpse lily is the most fragrant flower in the world. These pests are red in color and grow huge up to 4 feet. They have no leaves and attach to their roots.

  1. Juliet Rose

Another rare and most expensive flower in the world is Juliet Rose. Once upon a time, the price of this flower had climbed to 90 crore. The flower was introduced after mixing different breeds of roses. The peach and coral aspect of this flower is accompanied by a sweet fragrance.

  1. Youtan Polo

You can never see this flower bloom. This is because Youtan Polou only flowers once every 3000 years! This characteristic alone makes it one of the rarest flower species found in the world. According to folklore, Youtan Polou flowers only to mark the reincarnation of Lord Buddha.

  1. Sea poison tree

Sea Poison Tree is a nocturnal flower with pearly white petals from which elongate pink tentacles. This tree is rare, its scent too. It emits this smell and attracts insects at night. This rare species of flowers is found in parts of Asia.

  1. Chocolate cosmos

The chocolate cosmos is one of the most beautiful rare flowers on this list. It has a beautiful reddish brown appearance and a sweet chocolate aroma that attracts all insects, especially butterflies. What makes this flower unique is that, unlike others, the chocolate cosmos does not reproduce from its pollen or its seeds but from its roots.

  1. Hooker’s lip

Hooker’s lip gets its name from its lip-shaped appearance. This flower resembles the puckered lips of a woman with a luscious red lipstick. The beautiful bright red color of this flower attracts many insects to come for the pollination process. We promise you won’t spot this flower so easily.

  1. Lady’s slipper Orchid

When you look at it, it looks like a woman’s shoe or slipper. Lady’s Slipper Orchid is a rare orchid species that comes in different shades and hues – pink, purple, and yellow, to name a few. The yellow flowers of this plant are the most popular of all. Unfortunately, these flowers are likely to disappear.

The rare species of flowers listed above are spectacular and beautiful. They have their own personalities and types. The different shades, sizes, shapes and appearances of these flowers are distinctive. Call yourself lucky if you spot any of them. Which of these is your favorite? Don’t forget to tell us in the comments below.

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