20-50-100 years ago — March 2 | News

Percy J. Hinton, a former serviceman, with a record of three years and six months in the trenches, accompanied by his wife and a two-and-a-half-year-old child, arrived in this town yesterday afternoon, on foot , en route from San Francisco, California, to their home in Hoboken, NJ They were given supper and looked after overnight by Capt. Luther T. Shifflet, of the Salvation Army, and departed this morning for Baltimore . Hinton, his wife and child left San Francisco on Christmas Day with fifteen cents in their pocket. They return home with no money and have generally been treated well along the way.

Despite the small crowd due to inclement weather, the public sale at the H. Fulton Nicodemus Farm on New Design Road near Buckeystown Station yesterday fetched around $2,000. The bidding was lively. Horses showed the widest price range. They fetched between $77.50 and $105. Cows sold between $35 and $90.

Two bids, the only ones received for the sale of the goodwill and goodwill of the firm B. Rosenour et Fils, local clothing merchants, were opened Wednesday at noon at the National Bank of Citizens. Both offers were rejected because the amounts offered were considered too low. It is expected that a large liquidation sale will now be organized to sell off the available stock.

Hood College may be becoming a hotbed for New York’s top models. In 1962, Sunny Griffin graduated from the local college and became a highly sought-after model for television and fashion magazines. The face of another Hood alumnus, Mary Rife, class of 1970, appeared on the cover of Mademoiselle magazine in October last year. Now another Hood student can rise through the ranks to continue the developing tradition. Christine Dannehower, who entered college last fall as a freshman, appeared in the August 1971 issue of Mademoiselle and is currently Hood’s contestant for a modeling competition sponsored by Glamor magazine, which will feature featured the 10 best-dressed college girls in the country next August. publish.

The Frederick County School Board agreed to spend $13,550 on Wednesday to expand and improve playgrounds at Catoctin High School, but a $20,000 proposal to complete an outdoor swimming pool at the school was filed. .

Goodbye sun, hello rain. Forget your hiking plans. There’s a 100% chance of rain today, National Weather Service meteorologist Howard Silverman said Friday. At least a quarter inch is possible.

WASHINGTON — In a sinister precaution, President Bush has created a “shadow government” of 75 or more officials who live and work in mountainside bunkers outside Washington in case nuclear-armed terrorists strike. the national capital. In a separate precautionary strategy, at least one member of Mr. Bush’s cabinet must be outside of Washington at all times. Congress plans to meet at a Washington-area hotel and a nearby military base if disaster strikes the Capitol.

The 21st annual service honoring the nation’s fallen firefighters will not be held on the grounds of the National Fire Academy in Emmitsburg in October. The ceremonies were moved to the MCI Center in Washington due to an increase in the number of firefighters killed in 2001. US Fire Administration figures show that 441 firefighters died in the line of duty last year, including 343 killed in the World Trade Center terrorist attack on 9/11.

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