2023 BMW 7 Series Spied on Quad Spikes While Riding Ring

It’s always exciting when a new generation of a flagship car arrives, as it usually ushers in new technology and design cues that trickle down to lower models in the lineup. This will be the case with the G70 7 series adopting redesigned powertrains and an already controversial split headlight setup. These are just a few of the changes known to date, but the Bavarians are likely planning a lot of new things for their crown jewel.

Meanwhile, prototypes of the upcoming 7 Series have been spied on roaming the Nürburgring while stubbornly wearing full camouflage gear. These appear to have the production body, although all appear to lack the final headlights and a few also carry temporary taillights. However, their placement will not change on the last car, and we know for a fact that there is an additional row of front headlights located at the top of the bumper, serving as LED daytime running lights.

2023 bmw 7 series rendering 05
Rendered by @ bmw43__

Unsurprisingly, the grille doesn’t look any smaller than it does today, giving the 7er an imposing look to match its generous size. Some of the prototypes suggest they represent a more powerful version judging by the quadruple exhaust system with a new design for the tips. It may be a replacement for the M760i, but rather an indirect successor as the V12 will not return for the next-gen model.

It’s a bit of a disappointment as Mercedes has managed to keep its twelve cylinder alive in the Maybach S-Class despite tighter emissions regulations. The likes of Rolls-Royce and Bentley still offer the V12, but we’re talking about an entirely different league in terms of price. It’s also only a matter of time before these ultra-luxurious brands lose their massive engines to comply with stricter legislation.

The subtle trunk lid spoiler also indicates that we are considering a spicy version of the 7 Series, while the side reveals that the revised top of the line is the next model in line to get door handles that stay in line with the body for better aero and a more elegant profile. With all the prototypes pushed all the way to the Green Hell, the man with the camera couldn’t peek inside. That said, we expect a truly next-gen interior with all the luxury and technology BMW has today, including iDrive 8 and plush materials throughout the cabin.

2023 bmw 7 series rendering 01

The engine lineup will be extensive and will include not only a myriad of gasoline and diesel units, but also a plug-in hybrid and a fully electric powertrain. A new V8 supposed to carry the S68 would be a massive evolution of the N63 twin-turbo N63 V8 with a power output of 535 horsepower and also offered in a hybrid configuration. Elsewhere, the smaller 3.0-liter B58 inline-six is ​​also in the process of being modified and is expected to be available in 270 and 370 hp versions.

The list of goodies will be quite long, ranging from a new Bowers & Wilkins audio system and soft-closing doors to air suspension and even fully automatic doors similar to the Rolls-Royce Phantom. Needless to say, a very advanced semi-autonomous driving system is also in sight since this is the technology in which virtually all high-end brands are investing heavily.

We’ve heard that production for the new BMW 7 Series will begin in July 2022, which, if true, means we’re probably just a few months away from the vehicle’s world premiere.

[Source: Automotive Mike / YouTube]

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