6 Ssense Sale Shopping Tips and What to Buy

Photo-Illustration: by The Cut; Photos: Sense

As fashion enthusiasts, the Ssense sale also becomes our whole personality every time it happens. I mean, how can you not when there are very few places or times where the coveted Margiela Tabi boots are almost half price?

The Montreal-based online retailer is known and loved for its many luxury brands, like Gucci, and tons of up-and-coming, under-the-radar designers, like Elena Velez. Where else could you buy both these Avavav boots and these Nike slides at the same time and on sale? In short, we like a good opportunity to buy the most specialized parts, the things that will make everyone wonder, “Where did you get that?”

And while tempting, you can’t just add everything to your cart. Well, you can, but it pays to be strategic to get the best deals. After all, this sale feels more like a marathon than a sprint. That’s why we recruited a few self-proclaimed expert Ssense buyers for their tips and tricks on navigating the sale and, of course, their buying choices.

Marni White daisy ring

The Cut’s fashion editor, Emilia Petrarca, adds things to her Ssense wishlist throughout the year in preparation for the sale. His best advice? “Go for accessories because they’re low-risk and not something I would normally buy myself,” she says. “I don’t need shiny shrimp earrings, but I want them anyway.”

Another pro tip Petrarca suggests is to check out Ssense’s “Everything Else” section: “It also has a good home section that seems underrated where you can get nice Tekla sheets and towels or a soda maker. sophisticated for less. I’m hesitant to even tell you about some of these things because there’s so little left, but you’re welcome.

Marine Serre Gold Reassembled Cutlery Ring
Very good deal
By Malene Birger Off-White Beau Track Pants
Very good deal

Digital designer Shenea Walker, who keeps her Ssense finds well documented on TikTok, recommends keeping a close eye on your favorites, especially when there are plenty of pieces left. “If there are enough items in stock (as in, it does not show “3 sizes left in stock”), do not purchase immediately but add it to your Ssense wishlist and check daily throughout sale – the percentage off can increase and you save even more,” says Walker.

Charles Jeffrey Loverboy multicolored striped skirt
Very good deal

While checking the sales section and your wishlist regularly, Walker also recommends checking out the trending tab, as it organizes all the favorites you didn’t know you needed. “That’s how I found most of these objects,” she explains.

Ottolinger Black Wrap Suit Trousers
Very good deal

Recurring Ssense influencer and buyer Ashantea Austin recommends avoiding the hassle of grabbing your wallet by using the Ssense app: “Create an account so all your information is readily available when you want to checkout.” If you haven’t been convinced to make a wishlist yet, Austin calls it a game changer.

Isa Boulder SSENSE Exclusive Black Maxi Dress
Very good deal

Things are moving fast, maybe even faster than your group chat can respond with a unanimous decision. If you really like something, read this return policy carefully and buy it. “’You sleep, you lose’ is my motto for online shopping; you can always return something, so I buy now and ask questions later,” says Austin.

Andersson Bell Black Edie T-Shirt

My advice (Chinea here!) for approaching this sale is the same as for any other sale. I start by saving things to a Pinterest board to curb impulse spending and give myself a visual of what I’m potentially going to add to my closet. With Ssense in particular, I usually already have brands in mind, so I filter out the brands I like, the colors I’ll actually wear, and of course my size. What I’m usually looking for is something I can’t find anywhere else. As for clothes, I won’t buy a plain black t-shirt that I could also buy at Everlane, but I will buy a strappy cutout top, like this one from Andersson Bell.

Dr. Martens 1460 Pascal Max Leather Platform Boots
Very good deal

With accessories and shoes, I’m a bit more forgiving. They tend to do great deals on Doc Martens, Nike, and Converse. Finally, you should always do a quick Google search of the parts you really want to ensure you get the best deal. I found a now sold out Ottolinger dress on another site for $30 less.

Maison Margiela, replica of the Jazz Club perfume

Bianca Nieves, editor of The Cut, wants to remind you that Farfetch and Net-a-Porter aren’t the only retailers offering beauty. While she normally goes straight to see if Aesop has their hand cleanser on sale (they’ve had it in the past), she also loves the selection of fragrances and skin care oils that Ssense offers: ” I’m a huge fan of the Jazz Club Candle replica, so what better time to splurge on the scent than a sale.

Pure Circumference Balancing Botanical Face Oil
Very good deal

“It’s my favorite oil to seal my morning beauty routine,” says Nieves.

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