7 ways young Nigerians make money

Young Nigerians are doing a lot of things to make money legally. We explore seven.

1. Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is so complex that I can’t try to be an expert, but here are the gist; it’s a digital currency that people invest in.

It is best to do your research before you jump on it; it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme; it’s just a way to invest in good coins and sell when prices go up.

like any other business, there are profit and loss in crypto trading.

2. Forex

Another way to make extra money is forex trading and just like crypto it is complex.

With crypto, you invest in digital currency, with forex, you invest in stocks.

Research is also needed.

3. Trade

Checking your WhatsApp the status is enough to see young people buying and selling anything buyable and salable, clothes, wristwatches, bags, wigs and all that.

Social media platforms are now filled with young Nigerians selling all kinds of things from clothes to food, used phones and more.

4. Business

This is different from trading of buying and selling. Young people pool money for businesses like car rental services, logistics companies, tech companies, real estate companies, and fashion companies.

5. Art and graphics

For many, they have chosen to do art or graphic design either alongside or to get out of paid employment and, they can make a decent living from it.

6. Content creation

Young people make a living or earn a few dollars more by creating exciting content on social media platforms.

With consistent creation and publication, they get enough audience to attract advertisers.

It takes a lot of patience and passion to do it.

7. Photography or videography

With the internet invasion of celebrity and non-celebrity videos and images, the demand for photographers and videographers has increased, and young people have logged on to earn a few extra dollars.

Contrary to popular belief, young Nigerians are not particularly lazy when it comes to building wealth.

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