A cluster of global brands burst onto the Indian scene

Global retailers, as well as food brands, are heading to India after a two-year hiatus. More than a dozen international brands, including Pret A Manger, Tim Hortons and Popeyes, have rushed in recent months optimistic about their prospects in the country after the Covid-19-induced lull in luxury consumption .

Many are opting for large-format stores outside the metros, property developers and consultants have said.

Demand from big names has surged in Nexus Malls’ portfolio of 17 malls in 13 cities, according to its leasing manager Nirzar Jain. “Over the past six months or so, large-format international brands in Nexus malls have increased store sizes by 20-30%, depending on the nature of their business,” he said.

Fast fashion brand Uniqlo recently said it would open its first store in a Tier II city, while others are also exploring similar forays.

“Brands like Uniqlo, Zara and H&M have expanded in India after the lifting of Covid-19 restrictions. Given that the situation is still fluid with respect to the pandemic, we are likely to see more aggressive plays from these brands and from ‘others,’ Pankaj Renjhen said. , COO and co-CEO of real estate consultant Anarock Retail.

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According to Anarock, the demand for luxury goods has been constant in the country and many international luxury brands have joined forces to expand here.

Palladium and Jio World Plaza in Mumbai, Emporio in New Delhi, UB City in Bangalore and Quest in Kolkata are the most important malls for the bridge to luxury to date.

However, no luxury shopping centers are currently planned.

According to real estate consultants, the pace of expansion of international brands slowed between April 2020 and October 2021.


However, with an increase in retail sales and positive customer sentiment, these brands have begun to seek larger spaces.

“Many international brands have seized the opportunity to expand into markets where they never had a presence,” said Mukesh Kumar, Managing Director and Managing Director of Quest Properties India. “Brands have realized that the only way to bring consumers back to stores is to provide a quality experience. This has also led many brands to increase the size of their existing stores.”

Shopping center developers have said a few small franchisees – unable to sustain losses from Covid-19 closures – have had to leave stores.

Additionally, some mall projects that were under development before the pandemic began – and had stalled for the past 18 to 24 months – have been completed.

In January,

launched the American fried chicken brand Popeyes in India.

In March, Canadian coffee brand Tim Hortons announced it would enter the country. “Tim Hortons is opening with us, and many other international brands are also in talks. Many existing brands are also expanding,” said Ravinder Choudhary, assistant vice president of Vegas Mall at Dwarka in Delhi.

Reliance Brands announced earlier this week that it would partner with global fresh food and organic coffee chain Pret A Manger to launch and grow the brand here.

According to Anarock, the current concentration of luxury brands on single-brand boutiques is largely limited to New Delhi and Mumbai, and selectively in Bengaluru and Kolkata.

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