A new community center for BAL staff and students

The Faculty of Commerce and Law has partnered with the Enactus DMU Student Association co-creating a new space in the Hugh Aston building where students and staff can meet regularly to work on projects that aim to benefit our local community. Enactus DMU has projects focused on a range of themes including fashion, dental poverty and more.

Tanjeet Kaur, President of Enactus Society at DMU, ​​said: “The new space will not only help facilitate discussion, planning and implementation of projects by our student society that truly benefit the local community, but will also be an important center where the staff and students here at Business and Law can congregate and meet other members of this BAL community.

The space is partly based on the ground floor of the Hugh Aston Building and also in Hugh Aston’s new multi-million pound annex called The Yard.

Dr. Leanne De Main, Associate Dean Academic, said: “Over the years, BAL faculty have invested tens of millions in creating world-class teaching, learning and community spaces that have all contributed greatly to improving the experience of our students. So it’s great to see the spaces used by our students to help our local communities. We have also invested heavily in other areas, including academic support, library learning resources and many more.”

Initiatives like these are part of the BAL faculty’s huge program of support for students who have had to navigate through a global pandemic for the past two years.

Dr Chris Odindo, Associate Professor of Student Experience for BAL, said: “Helping students achieve their best is our primary goal as a faculty, and we are certainly keen to make this bold experiment in how our community of students and staff has chosen to use the spaces a success.

BAL staff and students who wish to access or use the Community Hub can contact Kush at [email protected] or [email protected] to find out how to participate. Please note that regular participation in projects would require you to join and become a member of the Enactus Company.

BAL faculty will continue to focus on supporting students to make connections in both online and physical spaces. Indeed, one of the main ambitions of the faculty is to co-create with students even more spaces where they can continue to take advantage of the excellent learning opportunities in all programs, form thriving communities and, of course. , engage in the type of intellectually stimulating discussions. the faculty as BAL students and staff come to see and expect.


Pictured from left to right: Kushbu Lad and Tarnjeet Kaur

Posted on Monday February 14th, 2022

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