Allbirds Tree Flyer Sneaker Designed for Long Distance Running + Photos

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  • Allbirds recently launched the Tree Flyer, their first long-distance running sneaker.
  • The Tree Flyer uses Allbirds new bio-based SwiftFoam midsole to better reduce impact.
  • See our review of Allbirds’ first-ever long-distance running sneaker below.

In May 2022, Allbirds released their first-ever long-distance running sneaker, the Tree Flyer.

With a growing list of running sneakers including the Tree Dasher 2, Trail Runner SWT and Adizero x Allbirds 2.94kg CO2e designed in collaboration with Adidas, Allbirds is steadily establishing itself as a true sportswear brand.

While the Tree Flyer’s upper uses Allbirds signature eucalyptus fiber, the new design stands out from other Allbirds sneakers with new SwiftFoam midsoles. Made from an earth-friendly blend of natural and recycled materials, SwiftFoam is lighter and more bouncy than the brand’s SweetFoam found on other models. The material helps return energy to the runner, eliminating the repeated, harsh impacts that long-distance runners typically experience.

The Allbirds Tree Flyer is currently available in five colors: Natural Black, Blizzard, Floating Yellow, Floating Orange, and Luxurious Beige. Available now for $160, the Tree Flyer comes in men’s sizes 8-14 and women’s 5-11, with options for half sizes.

A group of Insider Reviews reporters and editors put the new Tree Flyers through their paces, and they did not disappoint. Check out our full thoughts below.

Amir’s opinion on the Tree Flyer in natural black

A look at the top of the Allbirds Tree Flyer sneaker in black with black laces

Amir wears the Allbirds Tree Flyer in natural black.

Amir Ismael / Initiate

I’d be lying if I said I was close to a distance runner, but as someone who has worn and tested countless performance running shoes, I can definitely say the Tree Flyer is the most capable sneaker in the world. ‘Allbirds for everything types of runners. Having recently tested the Tree Dasher 2, the Tree Flyer is noticeably lighter and more comfortable, which is a big plus if you’re using them for long-distance running or just as a comfortable sneaker to wear casually.

The new SwiftFoam midsole is more responsive than the SweetFoam midsoles used on other Allbirds sneakers. I also really appreciated the inclusion of a heel counter. It gave me the support and stiffness I expect from high-end running sneakers, regardless of brand. — Amir Ismael, Senior Reporter

Mara’s opinion on the Tree Flyer in Blizzard

A pair of Allbirds Tree Flyer in the Blizzard color

Tree Flyer sneakers from Mara in Blizzard.

Mara Leighton / Insider

The new Tree Flyers are light, buoyant and comfortable enough to tempt me to wear them on my runs as well as on my runs. The upper fiber is breathable enough to satisfy someone (me) who almost always overheats on runs, and I also noticed extra stability from the flared base. The only thing I will note is that they run a little truer to size than other running shoes I own; I’m a 9.5 in Brooks shoes, but the 9.5 in the Tree Flyer is a bit too big. So I recommend ordering a few sizes to try out if you’re in between, or prefer to be on the safe side with your slimmest fit. — Mara Leighton, Senior Reporter

Ashley’s take on the Tree Flyer in Buoyant Yellow

A side view of the Allbirds Tree Flyer Sneaker in Floating Yellow

Close up of the Tree Flyer trainers from Ashley in neon yellow.

Ashley Phillips / Insider

Before discovering Brooks sneakers, I couldn’t run without constantly hurting myself (my ankles roll easily). So when Allbirds added a distance shoe to their lineup, I was excited about the new design, but extremely nervous to upgrade to something new myself. Once they arrived, I was pleasantly surprised by the support and cushioning around the heel, even though the rest of the shoe’s upper is flexible and soft.

I am also impressed by their lightness; you can really feel the energy return in the rebound of the soles. So far these can hold their own next to my beloved Brooks and they have the added bonus of Allbirds sustainability efforts. I went with my typical size 6.5 and they fit perfectly. However, if you like to wear thick socks, you might want to go a half size up. — Ashley Phillips, Style & Beauty Editor

The rear of the Allbirds Tree Flyer has a flared heel for stability and support

Ashley Phillips / Insider

The bottom line

Overall, the Allbirds Tree Flyer is a great running shoe. With improved technology and design, it goes beyond the entry-level running sneaker that the brand’s Tree Dasher 2 lives in.

At $160, it’s one of the most expensive Allbirds sneakers we’ve tested, but worth every penny. Not only is it still cheaper than high-end runners from brands like Adidas or Nike, it’s also sporty with minimal branding.

As always, if durability is your primary concern as a consumer, Allbirds is an excellent choice – and the Tree Flyer lives up to that standard.

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