If you are tired of stocks, bonds and the forecast can be charming to make alternative investments like art, wine, or furniture. You should only do it if you have a passion for investment objects, because it is extremely difficult to make money from it. The media occasionally writes about people who have bought a painting from the 1950s for a few thousand dollars, but now suddenly discover that the picture is worth hundreds of thousands.

Here are alternative investments and other opportunities you can make money.

loan investments

These kinds of stories are actually extremely rare. In reality, there are transaction costs on the type of investment crazy about such stocks, and one must also be very lucky and very knowledgeable.
If you have no sense of art or antiques, it can be difficult to assess authenticity and price. But for connoisseurs, it can be an exciting passion.

If you sell an artwork at auction, first and foremost,


You must deduct five percent of the sale price from whose creator has been dead for at least 70 years. This money goes to the artist or his heirs. For example, putting out a photo at auction will cost you an additional 35-40 percent of the hammer price. The reason is that both buyer and seller must have ‘fees’ and that they must also pay VAT.

It is extremely difficult to assess the moods and fashions of the art world – especially if you do not understand it. A few years ago, old coins and money were worth a lot, but today they are almost impossible to sell. What about artwork?

If you love art, watches and wine, investing can be a very fun hobby.

If you love art, watches and wine, investing can be a very fun hobby.

That way you can be indifferent if the price does not increase. Because you love art or wrong for its own sake and not necessarily because it’s worth the money.

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