Amy Roloff looks wild in sexy leather and fur costumes

Bride Amy Roloff seems to be living her life to the fullest. The longtime TLC reality TV star looks happier than ever and her fans have certainly noticed a change. Over the weekend, Amy got involved in helping with the family pumpkin planting and really got into the spirit of the season. A long-standing tradition at Roloff Farms is the beautiful suits that Amy wears, this year was no exception. Read on for all the details on Amy’s exciting weekend on the farm.

Amy Roloff helps on the farm

While Amy Roloff no longer helps run the farming business after her ex-husband Matt splits up. However, the couple are still on good terms, which seems to make their lives easier. Last weekend Matt found himself short-handed on one of the busiest weekends of the year. So, he asked Amy if she would be ready to help.

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On Wednesday, Amy posted some photos from her stay at the farm last weekend. Fans were thrilled with the silly post and happy to see Amy having fun and getting into the Halloween spirit.

Some fans in the comments section were a little confused as to why Amy would help instead of Zach. Other fans were quick to remind them that Zach was very busy then and in the midst of packing and moving, which made him unable to help.

Amy goes wild and shows her fur in the patch

With Halloween so close, children from near and far flock to the Roloff Farms pumpkin for a little fall fun. Families love choosing the perfect pumpkins to take home, fun hay rides, and plenty of photo ops.

This year, Amy joined in the fun adding some costume magic all her own. The Few Big World people The star donned several fun costumes over the weekend, each unique and different from the last. The celebrity shared photos of the various looks on her latest Instagram post.

This prime-time little lady underwent several costume changes over the weekend. In a few of her photos, she rocked a pink poodle skirt and 50s-inspired leather jacket. She did some fun poses in front of a bench under the Roloff Farms sign. Pumpkins were set up to decorate the area which had clearly been set up as a photoshoot location for guests visiting the farm.

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In another photo, the bridegroom changed it, showing a simple version of a fox costume. Amy Roloff donned a pair of paw-shaped fur fingerless gloves. She also wore a fur headband that featured fake fox ears and behind her the costume could be seen to include a bright orange tail as well that protruded from the back of her pants. Amy painted her face with black mustaches and struck a pose that suggested she was about to ‘pounce’. She wore the fox costume pieces over an all-black outfit to make them stand out.

In her latest costume set, Amy dressed in a Ring Master outfit inspired by The greatest showman. The outfit matched the original perfectly and featured a red dress with black accents. The top of the dress mimicked the ringmaster’s coat, with the star collar. The TLC reality celebrity wore a black and gold baton and even wore an ornate little top hat.

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Fans in the comments section fell in love with the fun costumes and personality Amy Roloff brought them. Viewers were full of compliments for the fame and complimented her on how happy her new life was.

Amy’s post has been liked over 36,000 times and has almost 400 comments.

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