Best new for men this week, October 1, 2021


Guys, it’s officially fall. I’m actually wearing two sweaters at the moment. How did it happen? It was like yesterday I was lying by the bay of Bar Harbor, sipping deserted mojitos in my favorite board shorts. Now the cold has slipped seemingly out of nowhere. It’s time to layer, and here to help me – and you too – are this week‘s menswear releases.

Ready to face the cold on the way to the office for the first time in, uh, years? Mackage dropped a roomy woolen coat that checks all the boxes. Want something short and outfitted for a night out at a fancy restaurant? Stampd teamed up with chef Nobu Matsuhisa on a letterman jacket that looks very tasty. Pair the two tops with derbies from Dr. Martens and Haven, or patent leather boots from Malone Souliers, and consider yourself ready to go out. And be sure to mask (this is important) with that of Michael Kors, who supports the United Nations World Food Program.

Stay inside, you will tell me. Well, Vans has released a collection perfect for watching your favorite horror movie from the comfort of your couch. Kotn has a fake turtleneck sweatshirt that’s anything but a mockery (aside from the name, of course). And Frame offers comfy sweaters that bring new meaning to donning the Ritz.

No matter what you have planned this season, all of these options will do you good. So catch ’em now, cause it’s the fall, baby.

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Matsuhisa team jacket

Los Angeles-based brand Stampd and Michelin-starred chef Nobu Matsuhisa have joined forces, offering a beige wool and leather letterman jacket with jacquard detailing that is, quite simply, * the chefs kiss each other *.

XL Tote

Another LA-based label puts it on beige. BTFL has ditched its XL tote, made from 18 oz. cotton canvas and featuring two interior pockets, durable handles and a strap. It’s heavy and tall, which means it really lives up to its name.

Off-white crewneck sweater

Frame is walking up to the Ritz, literally. The fashion label has teamed up with the famous Parisian hotel for a collection that includes t-shirts, sweaters and a blanket perfect for lounging in style. Room service, do you like it?

Passionoir Black Cultured Pearl Bracelet from the South Seas

Men deserve a little sparkle, and Mikimota has just what it takes. The supplier of some of the most exquisite pearls on the market has released Passionoir, a collection of earrings, studs, necklaces, rings and bracelets made up of black South Sea pearls (hot tickets, guys) set with rhodium silver. black. Indeed, this line is not just for the ladies.

Baja hoodie

It’s fall. If you didn’t know, check out the intro. But here to remind us of all the fun we’ve had this summer, here’s the last drop of terrycloth hoodies from Birdwell Beach Britches, which evoke the sun and surf from the previous season.

Shoe Dr. Martens 1461

The Dr. Martens 1461 Combat Boot is an icon in every sense of the word. And like other names of its caliber (think Madonna and David Bowie), it has undergone a series of reinventions. The latest is with Haven, a frequent collaborator, on a derby shoe that certainly lives up to the Doc’s legacy.

High neck sweatshirt

Kotn doesn’t play around when it comes to offering timeless and versatile designs, which include the drop of this stylish mock neck sweatshirt.

Watch Hunger Stop Love Organic Cotton Face Mask

Michael Kors continues to support the United Nations World Food Program with his Watch Hunger Stop campaign. For this year’s edition, the brand is going straight to the point by offering t-shirts, caps and masks that feature, well, hearts, and 100% of the profits going to the organization.

Burgundy Humanrace Sichona Sneakers

Adidas x Humanrace by Pharrell Williams

Adidas, skincare brand Humanrace and Pharrell Williams have teamed up on a sneaker, sold exclusively at Ssence, that encourages everyone to step back and slow down. These runners, for example, are inspired by the Dakota tribe; the silhouette’s name, Sičhona, comes from the native expression for “connecting to the earth”. “Working with Sssence on the House of Humanrace brings together my vision for new luxury by providing products and experiences to help take care of yourself,” Williams said in a statement. “You should leave the store feeling better than how you entered. This.”

‘Friday the 13th’ Zipped Hoodie

Halloween is just a few weeks away, and to celebrate Vans has launched a capsule with Warner Bros., which consists of sweaters, t-shirts and hoodies that feature some of the most iconic horror movies: The Exorcist, Friday the 13th, IT, The Lost Boys, Nightmare on Elm Street, and The brilliant.

Silas oversized wool coat

Mackage will never hurt you when it comes to fall toppers. The Silas coat, in particular, with its oversized silhouette, chic collar and season-appropriate patterns and colors, ticks all the boxes.

Smooth boot

Want to improve your shoe game? Look no further than Alexander McQueen’s Tread Slick Boots. From wedges to rich embroidery, these shoes (which are featured in the brand’s recent campaign, photographed by up-and-coming photographers around the world) will definitely take your style to the next level.

George Patent Combat Boots

In more shoe news, Malone Souliers ditched the George, a pair of patent leather combat boots worn by designer Kenneth Nicholson at this year’s Met Gala. By Georges, indeed!

Club Jacket

For all members holding a tie-dye club card.

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