Between the ages of 1 and 16, I never wore shoes – Kennedy Agyapong

Kennedy Agyapong, Central MP for Assin

Kennedy Agyapong recalls growing up in abject poverty

MP for Assin Central says savings, hard work and honesty are key ingredients to make it happen

Reveals wearing designer shoes costing nearly US$3,000

Assin Central MP Kennedy Agyapong has revealed that he only started wearing shoes after he was 16 due to his poor background.

The legislator, who is interested in different businesses, told students during a lecture at the University of Professional Studies – Accra, UPSA; that it took sacrifice, hard work and “savings to change his situation.

“From age 1 to 16, I never wore shoes. In our village, there is an animal called ‘owea’, its first cry means 5 am, the second is six. So our time was ‘owea’, no watch. You wake up (after the animal calls), go to the river bank to fetch after, take a bath, go to school, etc.

He then juxtaposed his early years with contemporary times where he can afford high-end designer clothes.

Agyapong illustrated his current situation with a shopping spree in Dubai: “I took some guys to a store in Dubai and asked the price of a shoe, I was already wearing one but wanted them to know the price.

“They asked me to take them shopping. When we arrived at the Berluti store, a shoe was $2,900. One of them replied that he would rather have me give him the money to complete a construction project than buy him the shoe.

“How can this boy aged 1 to 16, who has never worn shoes, come to buy such expensive shoes,” Agyapong asked before pointing out that “savings, hard work, honesty; these three things if you do it differently than any Ghanaian mindset you will succeed in life.

GhanaWeb’s checks show that Berluti shoes cost up to 1,800 euros and as little as 670 dollars for others.

The program at which the outspoken legislator spoke was under the theme: “Raising Champions in the 21st Century”, and was organized by the Africa Youth Platform.

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