Bradley Walsh gapes as The Chase contestants make first-round show history

BRADLEY Walsh was flabbergasted after two contestants pocketed £10,000 in the first round – making show history.

Wednesday night’s episode of the ITV quiz show saw Michael, Ross, Joel and Elizabeth join forces to take on one of the best brains in the country – and two of them quickly stole the show.


Bradley Walsh saw two contestants pocket £10,000 in their fundraisers1 credit
Paul Sinha was equally shocked after facing the braniacs


Paul Sinha was equally shocked after facing the braniacs1 credit

Michael was the first and put the team in good stead when he managed to collect £10,000 in his seeding round.

Bradley was pleased with the positive start Michael had made for the team, however, Chaser Paul Sinha sought to tempt him and offered him £30,000 instead.

Michael decided to stick with his £10,000 and ended up flying through the round, bringing him back for the final.

Next up was Ross and, like Michael, he cashed out £10,000 in the cash-builder round, leaving Bradley and Paul stunned.

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As Paul sat down he exclaimed, “Well, I can’t speak for any of the other Chasers, but this is definitely the first time two players have had ten or more in their cash-builders against me.

“So wait until the end, I think I’m going to need a nurse at the end of this session.”

Ross also flew through the round against Paul and joined Michael at the table ready for their final.

Joel was the third contestant to face Paul and revealed to Bradley that he would like to get his driver’s license and a Maserati if they won the money.

Joel then reached the final and took the total to £25,000.

Elizabeth was the fourth and final contestant, revealing the money would add to her habit of “expensive” shoes.

However, she was caught two spaces away from home and was knocked out of the competition, leaving the other three to play for £25,000.

At the start of the final, Michael, Ross and Joel managed to get 20 paces ahead of Paul, which challenged him.

Their hard work paid off as the team managed to fend off Paul four times and leave him only five steps behind before the clock ran out.

The Chase airs weekdays from 5 p.m. on ITV.

The studio erupted as the money started to fly in the kitty


The studio erupted as the money started to fly in the kitty1 credit

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