Brady’s menswear is back at the Del and better than ever

Owner Rich Brady shows off one of his favorite leather coats at his new Bradys 1974 menswear store at the Hotel del Coronado.

Long before 1974, Rich Brady loved to coordinate his outfits, but that year marked the opening of his Brady’s Menswear boutique at the Hotel del Coronado. While the store has moved a number of times, from locations in the lobby to the various storefronts downstairs, one thing is for sure, Brady is determined to continue to make it a success. The new light and bright store, which opened on November 20, has a refined elegance that invites customers to shop and buy a new pair of shoes, a cashmere sweater or an elegant outfit.

When the order to stop the pandemic was announced in March 2020, he had no idea how long it would last. When The Del closed and construction on the blueprint picked up speed, it became apparent that he would need to find a creative solution to move forward. With a heavy heart and a well-stocked store, it took his team and five men three days to pack and put everything away. Then he came up with the idea of ​​a pop-up store to help move inventory and found a location next to Tartine on First Avenue, which he opened in July 2020. First month sales were good , but declined as the summer wore on, and it closed it in September.

Brady’s was finally able to return to The Del in October, but not under the best circumstances, first in a boardroom, then in a hallway, where they had to pack the merchandise every night and put it back in every morning. “All of these transitions were better than being closed, but it wasn’t great. I felt like it was better to do something to move inventory than nothing,” he comments.

Let’s face it ~ fashion trends are changing, and it has adapted over the years, but the pandemic has caused a huge disruption in the fashion industry. He had to rethink the clothes and accessories he offers, because people’s attitudes towards clothes have changed dramatically. It now offers more sportswear, which has a wider appeal to tourists and locals.

Discover the new selection of ambiance and men’s clothing at Bradys 1974.

One of the keys to its success is the exceptional customer service provided by its longtime, small but powerful, dedicated employees – with Joanne Collins for 37 years and Baxter Boggus for 27 years, and two-and-a-half-year-old newcomer Chris Zwart, as well as others over the years. Since 1974, Brady’s has attracted clients from across the United States and around the world. Connecting with every customer to make them feel special and look their best is her mantra, and that’s why people come back to shop for new pieces and update their wardrobes. Those connections turn into relationships, and Brady has a natural flair with clients, whom he calls some historical clients, having dressed them for decades. It makes him smile when someone comes back and tells him that he bought his coat in the store 20 years ago.

When asked why he didn’t go for selling online, he replied that he had never pivoted in that direction due to the high rate of return and, more importantly, the fact that his customers want to try on and touch the clothes and get recommendations. The latest version of Brady’s 1974 debuted just three weeks ago in its new home on the lower level of The Del and so far people’s reaction to the store vibe has been overwhelmingly positive. He says it’s too early to say how things will turn out, with so many unknowns yet, but he’s cautiously optimistic. Brady’s is the hotel’s only quality clothing store, while most of the others carry souvenirs and basic essentials.

Sometimes people think that because it’s located at The Del the prices will be outrageous, but most of the items are reasonable, comparable to what Nordstrom charges. Brady’s offers quality brands such as Max Davoli, Jack Victor, Fundamental Coast, Borgo and Robert Graham, to name just a few of the popular quality labels. They offer a tailor-made tailoring for an impeccable fit.

Brady’s has created a legacy of distinguished clothing and superior customer service for men since 1974. The past year and a half has not been an easy road, but Brady has faced it with determination, and he is delighted to be be in his new store to welcome customers. There is still time for holiday shopping at The Del’s new lower level location, seven days a week, 9am to 9pm, with verified parking. Learn more about www.bradyshoteldelcoronado.

There is still time to shop for signature Christmas gifts for men at Bradys 1974.

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