BTS Suga being a fashionista for 2 minutes straight

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BTS, the biggest group in the world right now, has won numerous awards and continues to break down barriers as a group, cementing the success of K-pop around the world. However, the members of the group have become fashion superstars in their own right, notably taking on the role of global ambassadors for the Louis Vuitton brand.

Suga, the group’s main rapper and alias of the great Min Yoongi, is one of the most stylish members. He was ranked among the most stylish in Tatler Asia due to his sense of style. Blacksmith Deagu embraces his own style while dressing it up when needed, finding the perfect blend of high fashion and comfort.

Suga is known for always dressing in black, whether it’s for a photoshoot, performance, music video, or interview. Suga frequently wears at least one black item of clothing or accessory, and his ensembles always appear put together and put together.

Suga can be seen wearing a black jacket with dragon and mountain designs in one of his most recent Instagram images, where he is dressed entirely in black. Her penchant for black clothing is evident by her appearance.

It’s also worth noting how plain and simple the style of Suga Airport is. Especially since the artist himself chose these appearances rather than having them done by stylists. While he frequently sports the Fear of God brand, he also sports a distinctive mix of brands with a leaning towards Japanese streetwear, like Visvim and Mastermind Japan. At the airport, he was spotted wearing a Chanel coat, layered casually over a leather jacket, with a blue beanie and distressed jeans. This outfit perfectly sums up her sense of style and the typical mix of high fashion and streetwear.

A common nickname for Suga’s style during the group’s “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life” period is the “Mint Yoongi” appearance, where mint refers to his mint-colored hair and Yoongi refers to his first name. Suga admitted that the process of getting and maintaining hair color takes work. But because of her hair color, it has become one of her most recognizable hairstyles.

However, many people also remember her slightly orange-brown hair from this period, especially in the music video I Need U, now known as “Ginger Yoongi”. Much to the delight of fans, he recently wore similarly colored hair at the band’s recent sold-out four-day show in Los Angeles.

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