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Since 1870, Blundstone has been making the strongest and most practical footwear for work and play.

Decades of innovative design and production mean that Blundstone now oversees a global value chain across six continents and more than 70 countries. Best known at home for safety footwear, our humble boots are now conquering the world in lifestyle and fashion circles. Our heritage and our home are the cornerstone of our brand, and we are fortunate to lead the business from our headquarters in beautiful Hobart, Tasmania.

Our products and brand are developed by our team (primarily) based in Hobart, Tasmania, who operate and work with the best resources and partners available to keep us moving forward. We are on a significant growth path and our brand community is now truly global. We have established a global brand management framework to guide how we execute and position our brand with our distributors and partner agencies around the world.

Our employees are dedicated, highly skilled, committed to quality, and focused on growing the business with integrity. As a company, we are really committed to brand and design, making sure to put the consumer at the center of all our thinking and strategies. We seek to attract people who understand that the power of the team will get the best results.

As a family business, values ​​are paramount and we are committed to developing and managing our brand in an ethical and sustainable manner over the long term. We seek to make each step better than the last.

We have two brands in our stable. At 151 years old, Blundstone is arguably one of Australia’s oldest and most iconic boot brands, now developing footwear for the work, safety, lifestyle and fashion chains. John Bull is a leading New Zealand brand in the New Zealand labor and safety market. We also sell a small range of ancillary items such as boot, insole and sock care products.

We operate the Australian, New Zealand and US markets ourselves, with the rest of our international markets operating through an exclusive distribution model. We have a very longstanding distribution and supplier relationship.

As a company, we are still primarily a wholesaler and manufacturer, but our direct B2C retail through our own online stores (in Australia, New Zealand and USA) is growing rapidly and pushing us to expand, invest in and leverage consumer engagement and insights and embrace retailer thinking.

We are modest by nature but very proud of what we do as a company. We are committed to keeping our growth trajectory on track and continuing to improve our brand value. We have doubled in size over the past five years and are poised to do so again in the next five years. The Blundstone brand is booming around the world, with rapid growth in the United States, and in Canada and Israel, we are one of the most recognized and loved brands. In New Zealand we have the number 1 and 2 brands for work and safety footwear. We don’t fight our chests… we don’t need to. We stay focused on who we are and where we want to be, and invest in how we get there.

We are looking for an experienced Brand Leader with a strategic mindset to drive the management, evolution, positioning and optimization of Blundstone brands globally.

This is a rare opportunity to join the leadership team charged with shaping the growth and evolution of a global business, with a brand foundation truly rich in heritage, values ​​and loyalty, and underpinned by a well-built and established brand understanding, structure and commitment.

This position plays a critical role in the growth and success of the business and will be a key member of the senior management group. You will be a trusted and knowledgeable advisor to CEOs.

  • The position reports to General Managers and has global responsibility for a significant portfolio including brand management and execution, consumer insights and engagement, digital channels owned, line and product strategy , corporate relations and communications, and environmental sustainability strategy and communications.
  • Be a key member of the management team, responsible for maximizing brand equity and the long-term positioning and reputation of brands within the stated business parameters of the Group. He has a global, group-wide mandate and works closely with all other senior executives in the group, as well as with our US suppliers and international distributors.
  • Initially, the position will have four direct reports and will be responsible for a team of around 10.
  • Manage the Blundstone brand globally
  • Lead the development and execution of long-term brand and product strategy to achieve brand positioning and optimization.
  • Provide high quality advice to the CEOs and department heads of the group while respecting all responsible functions.
  • You will lead the development of the brand’s environmental sustainability strategy, performance, positioning and communications.
  • Ensuring that all brand execution is delivered at the highest level will be a key aspect of this role, and you will use your deep knowledge and expertise to ensure that the company makes full use of the approaches, platforms and emerging partners.
  • You will have direct responsibility for four people. Existing direct reports have been operating at a very high level in the company for quite some time and bring a wealth of knowledge and skills to their portfolios.
  • A direct report in the area of ​​environmental sustainability will be recruited when the Global Brand Manager is integrated.
  • Working with the Group Leader, People and Culture, you will strive to ensure that these people are managed appropriately and have the opportunity to grow and develop key skills within their roles.
  • You will be a vital contributor in a dynamic leadership team and your interpersonal skills and influence will be exceptional, and your communication and presentation skills will be exceptional.


  • You will have extensive experience in leading B2B and B2C branding strategy, demonstrated skills and results in global brand management and positioning, and a comprehensive understanding of the diversity of markets, cultures and of consumers targeted by brands. You will have an excellent knowledge of the global market and have the ability to develop and manage environmental sustainability strategies and communications on a global scale.
  • You will inspire and lead brand and consumer driven thinking across the company, as well as with our global value chain partners. You will champion the importance of leveraging consumer knowledge and engagement to influence company strategies, products and brand. You will have exceptional people management skills and an inclusive and collaborative approach to engage with your team.
  • You will quickly gain a comprehensive understanding of Blundstone’s global business, including our strategic plan, business management practices, human resources management plan, core business systems and processes, business agreements, vision / planning / position of products and our pricing structures and strategies, to carry out the functions of your role.

Apply via LinkedIn only, do not use the “apply now” form below.

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