Choice of wool, trench and leather

A good black coat is an everyday essential, there’s no doubt about it. But finding the right one can be a challenge. While we all wish we had a Cher-de-Distraught-style wardrobe – and some of us may have multiple black coats – you really only need one, so better make it look good.

Always a favorite of fashion editors and stylists, an all-black outfit is incredibly chic but needs to be warm enough to withstand the winter weather to come. That’s why you need a coat, whether you’re wearing an LBD, a collared knit or a nice pair of jeans. And as Tina Kunakey proved while she was addicted to street style at Paris Fashion Week, you can still be daring with bare legs as long as you’re wrapped up on the top half.

From wool wonders to puffer jackets, trench coats, bomber jackets and more, there’s no limit to the number of styles and shapes a coat can have. So it’s best to figure out what look you’re going for before you buy. Where a peacoat is perfect for more formal occasions, a bomber jacket is often preferable for everyday use and a puffer jacket is to be reserved for when it gets really cold.

While incredibly versatile, the one thing to remember with a black coat is that it’s best to keep them clean. White lint, dust and hair can stick to some styles, so use a lint roller to revive them before you leave the house and also keep fluffy animals away.

Looking for black coats that won’t break the bank, we’ve found the best of the bunch to get you started – lint roller not included.

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