Consulting in the development and purchase of luxury brands

TANIELLE is an Australian luxury branding and shopping consultancy, founded by former Harrods buyer Tanielle Bickley in early 2020. Local designers and retailers operating in the Australian fashion and design landscape will have access to a wealth of essential knowledge thanks to Tanielle’s proven experience and expertise. within the global fashion industry includes buying, wholesaling and product development, providing a full set of skills to its customers.

Tanielle started her fashion career locally in Melbourne before moving to London in 2015 and spent five years working for multi-brand omnichannel luxury department store Harrods, specializing in women’s clothing.

Throughout this time, Tanielle worked with an array of international super-brands such as Fendi, Versace and Balmain, as well as the world-famous Australian brands Zimmermann and Camilla. As a Harrods buyer, Tanielle also took great pleasure in supporting emerging brands in Australia including Peony, Matteau and Faithfull the Brand.

With a natural eye for emerging talent and a strategic approach, Tanielle’s business understanding enables her to identify areas of growth within “new to market” retailers and brands. Tanielle is adept at maintaining relationships with major stakeholders in the global fashion industry, as well as maintaining a list of key contacts.

For more details on Tanielle’s experience in the industry and the history of its clients, go to here.

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