Crazy Rich Asians 2 release date, plot, cast, trailer, and more

The breakthrough success of Crazy Rich Asians is something new to everyone. With its premiere in 2018, the romantic comedy garnered critical acclaim and made a breakthrough box office success, generating a massive gross worldwide income estimated at around $ 240 million. Yes, it’s true!

Everything you need to know about Crazy Rich Asians 2

The huge success of contemporary romantic comedy inevitably called for a sequel. Crazy Rich Asians, like many other romantic comedy films based on novels, was a stellar take on the first book in a trilogy by writer Kevin Kwan.

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Since the first film hit theaters in 2018, rich and crazed Asians have been touring fans eager to see Kevin’s second and third novels set up for the big screen. It’s no surprise that with the script in hand, Warner Bros. got to work on the movie sequel sooner rather than later.

Why was there a delay in filming?

Crazy Rich Asians 2 will be based on Kevin’s second novel, China Rich Girlfriend, and is set to continue with the same stars whose stunning performances perfectly sizzled the chemistry onscreen, making the film undeniably unforgettable.

crazy rich asians 2

The film’s sequels, including the one based on the third novel (Rich People Problems), were to be shot back-to-back last year. But unfortunately there was a delay possibly due to a behind-the-scenes issue that we don’t know much about.

The cast is busy with previous engagements

Although Crazy Rich Asians 2 has been officially announced, filming has unfortunately not yet started. The main reason for the heist was the previous casting engagements. Constance Wu, who plays Rachel, the lover, the protagonist of the film has also planned a few films. Peik Lin, whose unique and cheerful presence with the funniest scenes made the movie super enjoyable, was one of the fan favorite characters.

She added the perfect pop to romantic comedy with her confident and unique style. The character was played exceptionally well by Awkwafina, who also has a few movies, The Little Mermaid and Shang Chi lined up. Jon M Chu, the director is set to return for Crazy Rich Asians 2 but he’s taken care of In the Heights.

Adele Lim leaving the sequel may have caused more delay

Another possible cause of the delay could be the departure of Adele Lim, the co-writer of the film, as she was paid much less than her counterpart, Peter Chiarelli. Even though the salary had been negotiated for several months and they had agreed to move closer to Peter’s, it was only because Peter himself was willing to split his fees that she decided to leave.

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Lim was grateful for Peter’s generosity, but felt that she shouldn’t depend on someone else to get paid what she deserves.

What can we expect from Crazy Rich Asians 2?

We all know that the high fashion aesthetic of the crazy rich Asians appealed to everyone and the will. The cute Crazy Rich Asians storyline revolved around Rachel Chu, a middle-class economics teacher, and her super-rich boyfriend Nick, whose background Rachel completely ignores when she decides to meet her family.

As they make the trip to Singapore, she is surprised to find out that her boyfriend’s family is CRAZY SUPER RICH. As the drama unfolds with Nick’s cousins ​​and extravagant events, we soon learn that Nick’s mother has an immediate dislike of Rachel, given that she is an American Chinese with a not so lavish past.

We learn towards the end that Rachel’s father, whom she believed to be dead, was alive, which will likely be the focus of Crazy Rich Asians 2. As things work out between Rachel and Nick and her accepting mother. their union, Crazy Rich Asians 2 will explore all the drama after their engagement.

The plot of the sequel will take place two years after Crazy Rich Asians and since the first film was almost very tightly adapted from the book, Crazy Rich Asians 2 is expected to be no different from the second book. The father-daughter reunion takes Rachel on another adventure where she explores the generational wealth of Chinese billionaires, shaming her Singaporean for being her in-laws’ wealth in comparison.

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The plot will also star Astrid and her husband, Michael, whom she caught cheating in the first film, and their growing differences. A possible love will be seen fueling between Astrid and Charlie despite the fact that they are both married. Well, we can expect a lot of drama that is perfectly interwoven with heartbreak, romance, and revenge.

Is there still a trailer?

Unfortunately, there hasn’t been a trailer release as filming hasn’t started yet, but we can hope to see one sooner or later.

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