Day around the bay: Pelosi manages to pick up $ 3.5 trillion budget bill from across the house


  • Calt hit Swan Oyster Depot seafood restaurant faces racist allegations on Instagram and is packed with Yelpers from out of state. The famous Oyster Counterjoint froze Yelp reviews of Asian-American customers who said the waiter repeatedly called “dim sum,” but owner Jimmy Sansimino apologized and apologized. He said it was a reference to trying to order food from several different waiters. Maybe the server shouldn’t use the term “dim sum” in this context? [Chronicle]
  • President Nancy Pelosi reiterated why she shouldn’t bet on her manipulating the $ 3.5 trillion budget and infrastructure across the house. Nine moderate Democrats claimed to kill the bill on Monday night, but in the end, all voted in favor. [CNBC]
  • Kate Steinle’s parents have again quashed the lawsuits against the federal government. 9th Circuit Court of Appeal federal investigator loses his gun and the same gun was later used to kill Steinle, so the federal government couldn’t take responsibility. [Chronicle]
  • David Campos is undoubtedly a candidate for David Chiu’s seat in the Senate, confirming the formation of a commission of inquiry, as David Chiu is seen as the mayor’s choice by the mayor. [eBAR]
  • Bay Area Tesla owners say they are facing car intrusions at unprecedented speeds, and the world’s smallest violin choir is sending their sympathy. [KPIX]
  • New York is currently a more expensive rental market than San Francisco, according to Zumper data. Pelosi’s Ice Cream Party. [Business Insider]

Image: @WikiVictorian Via Twitter

Day Around the Bay: Pelosi Manages To Pick Up $ 3.5 Trillion Budget Bill Through Home Source Link Day Around The Bay: Pelosi Manages To Pick Up $ 3.5 Trillion Budget Bill Through Home


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