Deepika Padukone at Kardashians—faux leather is the cool new statement

IIf you watched Zoe Kravitz in the latest Batman movie, you might have noticed that outside of Cat Woman’s signature costume, her outfits were mostly faux leather. Closer to home, Deepika Paduone’s sartorial transformation has been making waves, especially since she appeared in a Milo Maria red faux leather bodycon dress, “inspired” by Kim Kardashian’s Halloween 2021 look.

In fact, Deepika has stuck with faux leather for most of her promotions for her latest outing. Gehraaiyan. She dressed in a black leather-look mini dress by Halpern with an asymmetrical shoulder on one occasion, and on another she wore a black strapless top with a neon green miniskirt and a black structured latex blazer.

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The appeal of PU leather

A recent article shows what Kravitz looks like in Batman are inspired by dominatrix uniforms. With colorful wigs, nail extensions and lace-up boots, Seila Kyle is as fashionable as she is deadly.

Kravitz’s character, among others, emphasizes that she wasn’t born into luxury, unlike Batman. Thus, faux leather would also be a cheaper fashion choice. He is also edgy and has always been associated with motorists. His “day job,” as a bartender, also provides the backdrop for the leatherette outfits, which are daring, but also tough as nails.

The faux leather is also easy to clean if you tend to spill food or drinks. A clean paper towel with water, and maybe detergent for stickier stuff, and you’re good to go. So it’s also functional.

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The Kardashian aesthetic

It’s no secret that the Kardashian sisters garner both critics and die-hard fashion followers, and they have their own unique aesthetic. The aesthetic that leans heavily on nudes and blacks when it comes to colors, and also thrives on the PU leather look.

Throughout her fashion evolution, Kim has opted for form-fitting outfits, and much of it was latex leather. In fact, in a recent outing, Kardashian’s Balenciaga trench coat almost looked like it was paying homage to the Batman movie.

Whether or not Deepika’s look was inspired should be left to B-town gossip to find out, but the other Kardashian, Kourtney, too, took on the PU look to change her statement as bold, edgy and willing to take risks – a fashion reinvention that made perfect sense. Gehraiyaan is also a first foray into “domestic black”.

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Durability against plether

Faux leather or pleather is slang for plastic leather. It is made by gluing the plastic to a fabric backing. While leather is expensive and also largely inaccessible, the look, whether in clothing or accessories, has always been highly coveted. Leather emerged as an inexpensive substitute for leather. Over the past few years, leather has become the next big thing in fashion.

It is lighter than leather and does not break down as quickly as the first. But Stella McCartney, a vegan fashion designer, pointed out that the leather end product we consume is also full of chemicals and doesn’t necessarily break down any faster. Since leather is made of plastic, it is also supposed to be much more durable than leather.

Durable or not, leather with its latex sheen has made a comeback, and with its affordability, it’s definitely here to stay.

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