Designer Pangea Kali Virga takes a stand against fashion waste

MIAMI – Here’s a sobering fact: Currently, the United States throws away up to 11.3 million tons of textile waste each year. That’s about 2,100 pieces of clothing every second of the day. Is it any wonder that our addiction to fast fashion is one of the biggest contributors to pollution on the planet?

Pangea Kali Virgaa fashion designer who is a Resident of Fountainhead Arts in Miami, is part of a new sustainability movement to change that. Recently, the Fashion Institute of Technology graduate met with a group for a workshop at common mana in downtown miami

The fiber artist said the sewing and mending business was more than just a sewing class. It was a boot camp for a group of new recruits in the war against fashion waste.

“You can see all the little bits, even the label has a bunch of little bits that you wouldn’t normally even consider part of the design.”

According to the World Economic Forum, the fashion industry is the third largest polluter on the planet, with the average person throwing away 70 pounds of clothing every year. To change that, she engages in upcycling.

“Without a doubt, I think that a circular economy or circular production is really vital to achieving a better, more equitable and environmentally friendly future.”

For her fashion line, she said she made each of her one-of-a-kind pieces with recycled materials all from this community, including remnants of faulty t-shirts and great-grandmother’s bridal trousseau linen. from someone.

“Sometimes I’ll save materials for several years until there’s like, ‘Aha moment!'”

Through her free monthly workshops and apparel swaps, she inspires and engages fashion lovers to not only re-examine their shopping habits, but also extend the life of their existing yarns.

“I think our accountability should be holistic where we consider the things we buy when they’ve been produced, and also after we’ve finished and thrown them away. I think fashion can really be a channel for change”

Pangea Kali Virga wants everyone to make a commitment when buying an item of clothing.

“It’s a commitment because it’s going to stay on this planet, even when you’re done… When you think about your legacy, do you want it to be a pile of trash?”

Pangea Kali Virga is also a fan of third-party providers like Rent the Runway. She also has a challenge for Halloween: to put her creativity to the test instead of just buying another costume.

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