Discover one of the most expensive trail shoes in the world

A new company is entering the trail running market head first, producing the first high performance trail shoe of its kind. Cutting-edge technology has to come at a cost, as Speedland’s SL: PDX sells for $ 480 CDN. Keep in mind that the best trail running shoes today range from $ 150 to $ 250.

Photo: Speedland

Speedland is a new company with two decades of experience with some of the world’s biggest shoe brands. The co-founder Dave dombrow and Kevin Fallon, has spent years working and leading design teams at Nike, Puma and Under Armor.

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You might be wondering what these high priced shoes do for you, but unfortunately they don’t instantly turn you into Jim walmsley Where Courtney dauwalter. The track performance runner features a Michelin wraparound outsole with 6mm thick lugs, equivalent to the grip of Michelin winter tires; a BOA double lacing system reinforced with Dyneema (a fiber stronger than steel) and a carbitex (carbon) plate. If you find the 6mm studs too high for you, the shoes come with a pair of cutters to cut the studs down to 3mm for smoother transitions.

The idea behind the shoe was to lead the charge of track racing and give the runner the ultimate track racing experience.

Photo: Speedland

The materials used to make the shoe are fully recyclable, so when you’re done running hundreds of miles, SL: PDX owners can return their shoe to Speedland, where they will disassemble and distribute each layer to their respective recycling center.

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You can view all of the specifications of the SL: PDX on the Speedland website.

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