Doctor Who: Every Doctor Ranked By Their Outfits

On May 9, 2022, the Next Doctor announced. Ncuti Gatwa will take the role forward into its next era, alongside returning showrunner Russell T. Davies. Although his tenure won’t begin until 2023, fans are already speculating what kind of Doctor he will be.

And much of that speculation is based on what outfit Gatwa will be wearing. Each incarnation of the Doctor has come with a unique fashion sense that says a bit more about who they are. From Tenannt’s converse-clad feet to Tom Baker’s rainbow scarf, their outfits are the first hint viewers are getting of the new regeneration. But some hit a little harder than others.


15 Fifth Doctor

Peter Davison as Fifth Doctor and Kamelion in Doctor Who

The Fifth Doctor, played by Peter Davison, wore a cricket uniform, matching panama hat, question mark collar shirt, and celery on his lapel.

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One of the first outfits resembling 80s costumes, this one is a bit bland and preppy. It’s more beige for the Doctor and doesn’t really look like anything an alien would wear – aside from the question mark necklace and celery.

14 Thirteenth Doctor

Doctor Who Jodie Whitaker Notes Debunked

The Thirteenth Doctor, played by Jodie Whittaker, wears a trench coat, rainbow striped top, suspenders, cropped pants, striped socks and boots. She sometimes wears different outfits like the tuxedo in “Spyfall” or the clock vest in “Villa of Diodati”.

Whittaker’s clients might have experienced a bit more since she was the first female doctor. Her main outfit most closely resembles a modern era costume. But the hodgepodge nature makes sense since she got it from a charity shop and the colors complement her cheerful personality. The different casual outfits stand out, drawing attention to the lack of variety in her wardrobe.

13 sixth doctor

Colin Baker as the Sixth Doctor in Doctor Who

The Sixth Doctor, played by Colin Baker, wore a rainbow patchwork frock coat with cat pins, colorful waistcoats, a shirt with a question mark collar and a tie. He wore striped pants and spats over green boots. In the Great finish audios, he wears a similar blue suit.

Had he worn the rainbow patchwork coat with more subtle clothing, it might have looked less like a costume. It’s loud and over the top – like the Sixth Doctor, but it’s rather bright and overjoyed for an incarnation that had a definite dark side. The costume could have been a bit more varied, like the blue suit he sometimes wears Big finish.

12 Seventh Doctor

Sara Griffiths as Ray and Sylvester McCoy as Seventh Doctor in Doctor Who

The Seventh Doctor, played by Sylvester McCoy, wore a white safari jacket, cashmere handkerchief, tartan scarf, question mark sweater vest and cashmere tie, with checkered trousers and spectator shoes. Later, he wore a dark brown jacket and navy blue and red accessories.

Seven’s outfit is still part of the more costumed 80s, but looks more like something someone might actually wear back in the day. The question-marked sweater looks slightly alien, but it’s not too distracting. The shift from light to darker shades goes well with her arc of becoming more of a master manipulator.

11 Ninth Doctor

The Ninth Doctor is played by Christopher Eccleston. He wore a black leather jacket, a dark V-neck sweater, dark pants, and black Doc Martens.

This is by far the least doctor-like costume, but it works for his character. Nine is still fresh from the Time War and struggling to feel like the Doctor again. He’s sensible and tough, so it makes sense that his costume would be the same. A more whimsical and colorful costume wouldn’t have suited his character as much.

ten war doctor

John Hurt as War Doctor in Doctor Who

The War Doctor, played by John Hurt, wears a leather trench coat, double-breasted moleskin vest, sash, corduroy pants, and combat boots.

We’ve only seen the War Doctor once, and his outfit suited him well since he fought in the Time War and just stepped out of the battlefield. His leather coat is battered and weathered, speaking of years spent fighting.

9 first doctor

Doctor Who William Hartnell First Doctor

The First Doctor, played by William Hartnell, wore a black velvet dress coat, tweed waistcoat, white shirt, ribbon tie, tartan trousers and boots. He sometimes wore a cape, scarf and hat, or clothing to blend in with different settings.

This costume was very formal and old-fashioned, which matches his older, testier persona. His main wardrobe was limited, however, this look suited him so well that he didn’t need much else. Fans can see how his wardrobe items (velvet jacket, waistcoat, and tartan pants) influenced the wardrobes of some later incarnations, especially the Third and Twelfth Doctors.

8 second doctor

Patrick Troughton as Second Doctor in Doctor Who

The Second Doctor, played by Patrick Troughton, wore similar clothing to his first incarnation but had a much messier appearance. He wore high-waisted pants held up with suspenders, a worn oversized frock coat, a plain shirt, a twisted bow tie, and black ankle boots.

This look perfectly encapsulates the Second Doctor’s younger, more clownish personality. Interestingly, while this incarnation has similar elements to its previous incarnation, the new spin gives off a totally different vibe than that older, more uptight look. The Second Doctor’s costume also influences the Eleventh Doctor’s appearance, especially his bow tie.

seven Tenth Doctor

David Tennant is the doctor

The Tenth Doctor, played by David Tennant, is often considered the best Doctor. He usually wore either a pinstripe suit, dress shirt, and patterned tie; or a similar blue suit equivalent. He wore a brown jacket and a variety of Converse All-Stars. He occasionally wore a tuxedo with his sneakers for special occasions.

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The Tenth Doctor’s costume is one of the most iconic of the modern era. When the general public imagines the Doctor, if it’s not the Fourth Doctor, it’s usually the Tenth Doctor. The Tenth Doctor’s costume is odd in that it’s contradictory – the costume is dressy, but the sneakers are casual. Her clothes are somewhere between a costume and a real wardrobe.

6 Eleventh Doctor

Karen Gillan as Amy and Matt Smith as Eleventh Doctor

Arguably the saddest Doctor, the Eleventh was played by Matt Smith. Her first outfit was a tweed sports jacket, dress shirt, bow tie, suspenders, slacks and laced up boots. He frequently wore a Fez or Stetson hat. He then retired to Victorian London where he wore a frock coat, velvet waistcoat and top hat. After meeting Clara Oswald, he switched to a purple frock coat, waistcoats, bow tie, suspenders, jeans and brown boots.

This Doctor is known for his bow tie and Fez. His outfits perfectly match his character as an old man in a young man’s body. His suspenders, tweed jacket and bow tie evoke the look of a grandfather, which contrasts well with Smith’s 20-something appearance. Her more severe Victorian look shows her depression after Amy and Rory split. And his costume evolves again when he meets Clara and tries to impress her.

5 fugitive doctor

Doctor Who Jo Martin Earth

The Fugitive Doctor, played by Jo Martin, wore a blue frock coat, ruffled kente top, waistcoat, trousers and black Doc Martens.

Although she only made a few appearances, she made a very big impression. His costume immediately conveys his Doctor status in a way that is all its own – like the new element of his kente top, while drawing on more familiar elements like the Doc Martens evoking the Twelfth Doctor. The militaristic elements, like the frock coat and double-breasted vest, allude to his time working for the Division on Gallifrey.

4 Fourth Doctor

Tom Baker as Doctor Who (1)

The Fourth Doctor, played by Tom Baker, wore a blazer, baggy tweed trousers, a cardigan and leather boots, all topped off with a long memorable rainbow scarf. Later, he wore a brown coat, waistcoat, question mark collared shirt, pants, burgundy scarf, leather boots, and a poet’s hat.

It’s one of the most iconic looks of the classic era. Fans often think of the Fourth Doctor’s scarf when imagining the Doctor. Both outfits suit her bohemian personality although one looks a lot more like a costume than the other. The first outfit looks a bit like something a real person would wear, while her later outfit is the start of the more costumed outfits of the 80s (and the first to feature question marks).

3 Eighth Doctor

Doctor WhoPaul McGann

The Eighth Doctor, played by Paul McGann, initially wore a Wild Bill Hickock costume – including a velvet frock coat, cashmere waistcoat and tie. Later, he wore a t-shirt, a leather peacoat, jeans and sneakers. Even later, he wore a British army moleskin overcoat, waistcoat, tie and boots.

The Eighth Doctor’s outfits are interesting because he starts out with a literal costume and then his outfits get less costumed and more rugged. This mirrors his very romantic and idealistic starting arc, before becoming more disillusioned, which becomes more apparent as the Time War approaches.

2 third doctor

Jon Pertwee with Brigadier and Captain

The Third Doctor, played by Jon Pertwee, wore a variety of ruffled shirts, tuxedo jackets, waistcoats, ties and capes.

This Doctor had a distinctive style, which definitely evoked the kind of james bond He was a doctor, with his debonair and fanciful costumes. Although these outfits could be considered costumes, they evoked her personality perfectly. His style influenced the Twelfth Doctor, who shared his love of velvet jackets.

1 Twelfth Doctor

Twelfth Doctor Peter Capaldi from Doctor Who on Gallifrey during Hell Bent episode

The Twelfth Doctor, played by Peter Capaldi, initially wore a black Crombie coat, cardigan, shirt, pants and boots. The costume later incorporated sweaters and hoodies. Once cultivating his rock star side, he wore patterned t-shirts under his hoodie and coat, with plaid pants.

Twelve has the most varied wardrobe. He can be formal or casual in equal measure, and his outfits are tied to character development. At first, when he is insecure and more stern, he is very buttoned up, but as he relaxes a bit (especially under Clara’s influence) his fashion becomes less stern. Her outfits tell a definite story and feel the most lived-in.

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