Dothan stuns Jeff Davis with late touchdown pass | High school


Jackson, however, hooked up with Blackmon for a 29-yard gain to get the run going.

Again, two incompleteness and a sack threatened to kill possession, but Jackson connected with Blackmon for an 18-yard gain to propel Dothan into the red zone.

“Paul made a great play in the middle to get us in range,” said Grider. “Really proud of the performance of the two minute exercise. The kids lined up quickly and we had two time outs. It was huge too.

With 15 seconds to go and the clock ticking, Jackson called the Wolves’ last offensive play. Jackson moved into the pocket and then shot to the end zone near the straight sideline, where Hornsby recovered the winning hold.

“The winning game, we ran over and over again in practice,” Jackson said. “We connected all week and we knew it would be important to us. I trusted my receiver. He (converts him) all the time in practice.

“We work on this every day in training so I knew it was going to happen,” added Hornsby. “When the ball was near me, I turned my head a bit to catch the ball. I watched (on the sidelines) and luckily I was still in it.

Jackson completed 9 of 15 passes for 187 yards and two touchdowns. Blackmon had five catches for 152 yards and one touchdown, while Hornsby added five more catches for 43 yards and the final score.


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