Dresscode Boutique in Beachwood makes your personal style shine


Owner Tanya Manning gives us a taste of what you can find in her shop. Plus, two cold weather style tips you need to know.

To the Dresscode store at Beachwood Place there is only one rule: dress for yourself and look fabulous while doing it. Inspired by her fashionable mother and older cousins, owner Tanya Grant opened her store two years ago in November with a fashion philosophy that stems from empowerment and individuality.

“We’re real women with real bodies in this store,” Grant says. “Getting to know the code is understanding what makes you feel good, understanding what you like, what makes sense to you and your budget.”

With white cabinets, warm lighting, and hardwood floors, Dresscode makes sailors feel like they’re in the walk-in closet of their dreams. Meanwhile, bright colors and surprising patterns are rolling off the shelves, ensuring you find something unique for any occasion. “A lot of my collection is for that corporate lady who’s in a meeting during the day, but wants to kick it off with her girlfriends, sorority sisters, or have a late night date at night,” says Grant. .

While The Shades of Melanin collection offers easy and stylish fall neutrals in the form of trench coats, sweaters and more, Grant always encourages a pop of color (no matter the season), like a colorful trench coat. contrasting ($ 75) or a bright yellow sweater dress ($ 85).

“We just thought the world needed a burst of color; something uplifting, ”Grant says.

Make a statement :
Pick up an outfit that maybe a little boring, or maybe it doesn’t show off what you want it to showcase; put on a fedora with it, ”Grant says.

Smooth transitions
Try to switch your favorite summer pieces into the fall season by mixing and layering them. “Throw on a blazer over it or a leather jacket and you’ve got a great fall piece,” Grant says.

When you go: Dresscode Boutique, 26300 Cedar Road Beachwood Place, Level One, 216-318-6576, dresscodebytmg.com

Find nearby: The So Fierce boutique is full of bright and trendy pieces. 26300 Cedar Road, Beachwood Place, Level One, 213-315-9550, sofierceshop.com


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