Eight dead in massive casualties at Travis Scott’s Astroworld festival

Eight people have died and 17 hospitalized following a massively casualty event at Travis Scott’s Astroworld Festival at NRG Park in Houston last night.

Early Saturday morning (November 6), Fire Chief Samuel Pena, Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo and Houston Police Chief Troy Finner confirmed the deaths and injuries at the Astroworld Festival at a press conference. at NRG Park on Friday evening (November 5). At around 9:15 p.m., the crowd began to compress towards the front of the stage, according to Pena. Doctors were performing CPR on the victims once they started falling from the crowd. When police realized there were a large number of casualties around 9:30 p.m., police spoke with the promoters and Live Nation, the festival’s organizers, to stop the show earlier, to which Travis Scott s ‘is conform.

Twenty-three people were taken to hospitals in the region, 17 of whom were hospitalized after the incident. Eleven of these victims were in cardiac arrest during transport. A victim, barely 10 years old, was taken to hospital.

“This is an ongoing investigation,” said fire chief Samuel Pena. “Chief Finner will provide that information. But we want to give you some preliminary facts about what we know right now. We know that we have had at least eight confirmed deaths tonight and we have had dozens of people who have been injured. at this event. We had attended about 50,000 people at the Travis Scott Astroworld Festival event. What we do know is that at around 9am, 9:15 pm, the crowd started to compress around the front of the stage. And it caused some panic and it started causing injuries. People started to fall, pass out and it created further panic. “

“I think it’s very important that neither of us speculate,” Houston Police Chief Troy Finner continued. “No one has all the answers tonight. I want to thank Live Nation, I want to thank NRG, HFD, our frontline officers. No one has had a chance to review a video, and Live Nation has given us a said they would allow us to see the video. I mean this because there are a lot of rumors going around. And if you don’t have the facts, if you don’t have the evidence, I won’t speak against that … “

“My job as a police chief is to make sure that we find out what happened,” Finner added. “We’re going to treat this as an investigation because we don’t know. I have investigators here at the scene. I’m sending investigators to hospitals because we just don’t know, and we will. So pray. for these families. I think it’s very important. Everybody in our town is praying for these families and, and we’re going to be fine, but we’re going to investigate and find out because it’s not fair to them. producers, for no one else involved until we figure out what happened, what caused the surge. We don’t know, but we will, and is there anything criminal ? We have heard rumors that people are injecting drugs, so I want to check that out. “

A statement from the Astroworld festival regarding the deaths has been released.

“Our hearts are with the family of the Astroworld festival tonight, especially those we have lost and their loved ones.

We are focused on supporting local officials as we can. With this in mind, the festival will no longer take place on Saturdays.

As authorities mentioned earlier in their press conference, they are examining the series of cardiac arrests that have taken place. If you have any relevant information on this, please contact @HoustonPolice.

Thank you to our partners at the Houston Police Department, Fire Department and NRG Park for their response and support, ”the statement read.

About 50,000 people attended Astroworld. More than 300 people were treated at the on-site field hospital during the event throughout the day. The Houston Fire Department had 55 units that responded to the event with many casualties in addition to what Astroworld already had on site.

Finner said 367 police officers and 241 security guards were already assigned to Astroworld before the incident occurred. He confirms that the Houston Police Department is treating the deaths and injuries at the Astroworld festival as an investigation.

The Astroworld festival is officially canceled for the second day. Live Nation, the organizers of the festival, are reportedly working with police to allow them to view a video to determine what happened.

Families of victims are encouraged to call the numbers provided by the Houston Office of Emergency Management.

“If you have not been able to contact your loved one who participated #ASTROWORLDFest please call 832-393-2991 or 832-393-2990, ”read a tweet provided by the Houston OEM.

A command post is located at the Wyndham Hotel at 8686 Kirby Dr. in Houston to help identify deceased victims and families in need of assistance.

Before the festival started yesterday, a massive crowd of fans were already lined up to get goods before the doors opened at 1pm.

During the concert itself, Travis Scott went through his catalog of past and present album hits and pulled out surprise guest Drake, who performed tracks like “Knife Talk” and “Way 2 Sexy”.

XXL has contacted the team of Travis Scott, a representative of festival organizers Live Nation and Astroworld for comment.

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