Euphoria Season 2 Outfits: Shop Your Favorite Character’s Looks

Simply put, Sam Levinson Euphoria is must-see television every Sunday night. Not only is each episode of the high school drama packed with suspense and conflict to keep you busy for an hour, but it features an array of character archetypes that every viewer can relate to in some way. One of the ways viewers were able to connect with each character is through their wardrobes which were curated by costume designer Heidi Bivens.

Dotted with popular streetwear brands and vintage designer pieces, Bivens has crafted a wardrobe that people in real life might want to seek out and wear, eschewing the usual formula of generic outfits so often seen in other TV shows. .

“I remember wanting to avoid anything resembling what I call, ‘ABC Family teen.’ I was given the freedom and the support to really push it. I was asked to push it,” Bivens told Complex in 2019. that looks generic or commercial.

While some pieces like the vintage Jean Paul Gaultier vest from Rue, the psychedelic Jules hockey t-shirt from Perks and Mini, or the Chanel bag Maddy poses with while babysitting might not be the easiest things to find right now, there are still a lot of clothes from the Euphoria easy-to-get-at-the-hand wardrobe. For anyone looking for that sweater Fezco wears on New Years Eve or the Telfar hoodie newcomer Elliot wears to class, we’ve already done the searching for you.

Find out where to buy some of the items worn by the actors of Euphoria throughout Season 2, below. Be sure to check back weekly to see if any of the plays that caught your eye in the last episode made the list.

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