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In 1997, avant-garde fashion brand Maison Margiela launched a unisex diffusion line titled Line 6, now renamed MM6. Led by an anonymous collection of designers, MM6 takes a casual yet unique approach to streetwear. Less experimental and more accessible than boundary-pushing fashion house Maison Margiela, the line updates the stables of classic fashion using unique fabrics and innovative techniques.

The Maison Margiela MM6 Fall/Winter 2022 show took place in a modest warehouse in Milan with the comforting scent of fall woods in autumn hanging in the air. The show opened with a boxy black jacket with pointed shoulders and clean lines, a signature MM6 label sewn on an elegant black sleeve. The blue collar of a button-up shirt peeked out from under the coat, itself layered over a folded snake-print turtleneck.

Maison Margiela MM6 Fall/Winter 2022


The casual suit theme continues throughout the collection. For example, look six features an oversized blue snake print blazer while look 28 features a green leather vest dress with an overly exaggerated peak lapel. The innovation appears in the form of the replacement of two sleeves by a single circular cutout on the reverse. This technique is displayed in a five-zip jacket, leather overcoat, blazer and hoodie. The cut adds modernity to otherwise classic wardrobe basics through the use of negative space. In look ten, a faux python wraps around the model’s body like a shrug.

Distressed knits, deconstructed leather garments and elegant evening wear all feature prominently in the collection. Most of the pieces are accessible and wearable, with the runway moto jacket and elongated trench coats easily fitting into any modern wardrobe. A utilitarian workwear spirit is captured through blockish denim trucker jackets that have four-hole button detailing. The models wear cheeky-hued trainers (available in high-top and low-top) that are the result of a collaboration with outdoor sports brand Salomon.

The Fall/Winter 2022 show continues to explore the MM6 universe, modifying and developing ideas already present to create the perfect wardrobe for contemporary living.

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