Everything a Fashion Editor Wore in Norway for the Oslo Show

If I’m being completely transparent, I’ve never been a “good” packer. While everyone I traveled with learned early on that carry-on luggage was the safest and easiest way to travel, I remained stubborn. Ignoring logic, I succumbed to a life spent freaking out at the baggage carousel, crossing my fingers that my suitcase would eventually arrive on the carpet unscathed. Then the pandemic arrived. One too many articles about lost luggage later, I finally forced myself to become a carry-on.

Last week when I flew to Norway to attend Oslo Runway (the city’s version of fashion week) it was the first time I could honestly say I had a good packed up. Twice this summer I’ve traveled overseas with only carry-on baggage, and twice I’ve been disappointed at how messy a job I’ve done. But this time I finally managed to pack a almost perfect number of rooms for the three night stay which involved press dinners, launch parties, parades and presentations. We even went into the woods two hours from Oslo to visit Vestre, the world’s most sustainable furniture factory.

To celebrate my packing feat, I thought I’d document all the handpicked items I brought with me, salute the pieces I’ve worn more than once, and even accept defeat for those who, unfortunately, should have stayed home. See everything I’ve packed and worn below.

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