Gender Erased from School Curriculum as IFM Alumni Show Opens Paris Fashion Week – WWD

PARIS – Inaugurating Paris Fashion Week for the second time, the parade of MA graduates from the Institut Français de la Mode brought about a change: the traditional divide between female and male styling has been removed from the description of the fashion curriculum.

The gesture was in line with a trend towards mixed tracks, but also reflected the fashion of rising generations, said the school’s general manager, Xavier Romatet.

“In fgeneral, [they] breaking down boundaries, whether of gender or between physical and digital. For us, it’s a talking point, but for them, it goes beyond denying differences – it’s a non-topic. [This generation] breaks down all the barriers that they see as an obstacle to creative expression,” added Romatet, praising “the vision, this identity that they create through clothing and in which gender is not necessarily a relevant distinction. “.

Masks, featured with most looks, blurred features further, letting body shapes and attitudes do the talking. Romatet explained that the students were asked to “consider the head as an integral part of [the silhouette].”

Presented in a film that mixed the reality of physical gazes with digitized versions and imaginary landscapes, they contributed to a strange escapade that chained itself into the work of the imaging students in the class.

The class of 45 designers of 2022 explored a range of themes, including traditional men’s loungewear, which Guillemette Jozan spotlighted with gender-neutral knits using different yarn weights to create see-through effects; anti-racism, which has seen Man Hei Carrie Keung portray the universality of human bone structure in abstract structures assembled to form his creations, and the impact of today’s tools on self-image, with Hugo Castejon-Blanchard recreating poses from male social networks of bare abdominals, trousers undone properly, shirts left gaping.

Other highlights of this year’s range included Lou Comte’s knits that followed rather than defined the curves of the body; the creations of Claire Barreau, who also designed for the body as it is, rather than using clothes to shape it; Maria Siqueira, who drew on her Portuguese heritage for voluminous looks that blend traditional silhouettes with new techniques like 3D-printed flex panels, and Ibrahima Gueye, who transcribed the masculine rituals of her native Senegal into a wardrobe. dress for women.


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