Heather Dubrow slams RHOC ahead of comeback


Heather Dubrow speaks to Create & Cultivate.

Heather Dubrow slammed her “Real Housewives of Orange County” castmates ahead of her return to the franchise for season 16.

Dubrow will return to the series after a four-season hiatus, but not before casting some shadow over RHOC’s early years.

“From what people told me seasons before I arrived, it was that it was always perceived wealth, not necessarily real wealth,” Dubrow told Dave Quinn in her revealing new book from Real Housewives, “

The RHOC star entered the franchise in Season 7 and came out after Season 11, and she has a lot of opinions about how the series was before she came on board.

“It always looked a bit more blue collar,” she said in the book, according to Page Six.

Sixth page reports that Dubrow did not mean this as an insult, but perceived the wealth level of “real Beverly Hills housewives” to be higher than that of women in the OC.

Dubrow, the wife of plastic surgeon Terry Dubrow, also mentioned the fashionable improvements to the show, which she credits to her joining the cast.

“They were all wearing these Sky tops and all of a sudden after I got there the Chanel and Gucci started showing up,” she said in the book.

Her co-star, Tamra Judge, agreed with Dubrow.

“She had the best homes, the best parties, the best travel ideas,” Judge said of Dubrow in Dave Quinn’s book. “Vicki [Gunvalson] loved Heather too. She always used to say that she felt like Heather had brought class and elegance back to the franchise.

RHOC executive producer Chris Cullen also spoke about Dubrow in Quinn’s book, saying he believed Dubrow was jealous of Shannon Beador and her level of wealth.

“Shannon lived in a gated community, Shannon had a big house, and all of a sudden it was a level playing field,” Cullen told Quinn. “I don’t think Heather liked it. Heather’s insecurities got the better of her and she didn’t want Shannon to be welcome on this show and was going to make things as difficult as possible.

Dubrow denies these claims, saying Cullen’s thoughts are a “pot of crap” and that she “wasn’t jealous at all.”

Andy Cohen teases RHOC season 16, says Dubrow’s comeback “starts with a hell of a punch”

On October 25, 2021, Bravo super fan Jerry O’Connell appeared on “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen” and expressed his pleasure at Dubrow’s return.

“First of all, I love Heather, I love her family, I love her husband, I love his beauty, I love the elegance that Heather brings,” said O’Connell. in the clip above. “And I have to say when classic housewives make a comeback, it always makes a really fun TV.”

Cohen then dropped a bit of the teaser for Season 16.

“I have to tell you, I watched the first two episodes this weekend. It starts with a hell of a bang. One hell of a bang,” Cohen said.

Dubrow Says Season 16 Has A ‘Plot’ In The First Episodes

Dubrow appeared on “Bravo’s Chat Room” in August and gave some details on what happens at the start of Season 16.

“So here’s the thing, we’re about to take a trip on the show, and it looks like there might be a little upheaval, a little twist about to happen on this trip,” he said. Dubrow said on the chat show. . “All I can say is this is going to be fun.”

In October 2021, no release date is scheduled for Season 16.

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