How much a YouTuber made in a month teaching an online course

  • Alika Bhatt is an artist and YouTuber with over 700,000 subscribers.
  • In April, it launched a course on the Skillshare teaching platform and now has over 800 students.
  • Here’s how much Bhatt earned from the Skillshare course in May.

Alika Bhatt, a YouTuber who now teaches an online course on the Skillshare course platform, is no stranger to teaching.

Before joining YouTube, where she now has over 700,000 subscribers as @goodnessinyou, she worked in academia, teaching fashion illustration and fine art at the Indian Institute of Fashion Technology and the YMCA Institute for Fashion Technology and Design in Delhi, India.

But in 2016, she had an accident and found herself bedridden for nine months with a spinal injury.

As she recovered, she decided to take up painting again, documenting her efforts on YouTube. Before long, the channel picked up subscribers, and she never returned to her job as a teacher.

“I didn’t know even more than 50 people would join me,” Bhatt told Insider. “I didn’t want to be a content creator. My vision wasn’t to be a famous person. I just didn’t want my talent to stay inside me and then die with it.”

In early 2019, two years after launching her channel, she reached 300,000 subscribers, who listened to her painting videos, art vlogs and challenges, and home decor tutorials. She also started a


on which she would post art lessons for her subscribers.

In October 2021, an opportunity to teach a more professional course arose when the Skillshare course platform reached out to her, asking her to create an “Original”, or a course produced by the company’s internal content team. ‘company.

His course is called “Acrylic painting: creating an abstract portrait”. For just over an hour, she teaches how to paint an abstract portrait – from finding inspiration to preparing the canvas to the actual painting process.

“I was very keen to get on that platform,” Bhatt said. “To me, teaching isn’t just about posting videos, it’s about building a community, and on Skillshare you have so many interactive ways to connect with your students.”

The course was launched in mid-April and, to date, 870 students have registered.

In May, his first full month on the platform, Bhatt earned $1,311. She earned $1,271 from royalties and $40 from referrals. Insider verified this with the information she provided.

Skillshare users pay a subscription fee – $167.88 if prepaid for a year or $32 per month. Once a user has registered, they can access all the courses available on the platform.

Skills sharing allocate 30% of subscription revenue goes towards royalties for teachers, who earn varying amounts from this revenue pool each month based on their share of paid minutes watched by students.

Teachers can also direct students to the platform. If a user joins through a referral link, they get a one-month free trial. If the user upgrades to a paid subscription, the teacher receives 60% of their first subscription payment, whether monthly or annual.

According to data provided by Skillshare, the top 100 teachers on the platform earn an average of $2,000 per month before referral bonuses.

Entrepreneurship YouTuber Ali Abdaal, who is one of Skillshare’s top teachers and offers 12 courses with over 325,000 students, showed in a recent video that he averaged about $70,000 per month from the platform last year.

For Bhatt, Skillshare hasn’t become as lucrative yet, and his main stream of income remains YouTube. But she is confident that over time and as she creates more courses, more students will join.

“I have lots and lots of hope,” she said. “I can already see a lot of students coming in, so I’m definitely aiming for a very satisfying income generation from there.”

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