Insempra announces strategic investment in Solena Materials

Strategic investment to support the foundation of Solena Materials, an Imperial College London spin-out, accelerating the development of synthetic fibers for high-performance, inherently sustainable garments

MUNICH, July 26, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Insempra, a biology-based company that enables companies to manufacture superior products in partnership with nature, today announces a strategic investment in Solena Materials Ltd (“Solena”), a synthetic biology company . Solena, a spin-out from Imperial College London, is developing synthetic proteins for high-performance clothing fibers.

The investment will allow Insempra, formerly Origin.Bio, to accelerate its strategy of harnessing new technologies to advance organic production processes, creating naturally superior products to drive the regenerative revolution. Solena will be a major part of Insempra’s platform to deliver high performing, inherently sustainable ingredients for a wide range of industries.

Solena uses computer design to develop new classes of synthetic proteins to produce high performance clothing fibers capable of absorbing large amounts of kinetic energy. Insempra will accelerate the development and production of these synthetic proteins on an industrial scale, offering better bio-based solutions to petrochemical-based and non-biodegradable materials or fibers extracted from nature or animals, such as silk, currently used in textile and clothing industries. . This technology also reduces other environmental impacts such as the increase of microplastics in water bodies from the washing of textiles of petrochemical origin.

Jens Klein, Founder and CEO of Insempra and CEO of Solena Materials, said: “We are extremely excited about this investment in Solena, which will help accelerate our market-driven approach to developing premium, inherently sustainable ingredients. We look forward to accelerating Solena’s development and production of their unique synthetic proteins to develop high-performance fibers for a variety of applications.”

Dr. James MacDonald, inventor, co-founder and CTO of Solena Materials, added: “The team and I are very excited to make this technology a huge success.”

Professor Paul Freemont of Imperial College London, added: “This investment from Insempra recognizes the potential of our technology to revolutionize high performance fabrics and their supply chains. Together, we can harness our synthetic biology capabilities to develop, produce and manufacture a new class of superior and more sustainable fiber technologies.

Insempra, co-founder of Solena, will be the sole contributing shareholder of Solena, which is based at Imperial College’s Translation & Innovation Hub (I-HUB) in White City, London. Solena’s board will consist of Dr James MacDonald from Solena, Professor Paul Freemont and Professor Milo Shaffer from Imperial College London, and Jens Klein and Andreas Heyl from Insempra.

About Insempra

Insempra is a biology-based company that empowers companies to make premium products with nature. We combine bioscience and technology to grow material for new and better products.

For too long, corporations have relied on the processes of chemical and petrochemical industrialization, depleting our planet’s finite resources. That’s why we’re committed to driving the regenerative revolution to manufacture at scale in collaboration with nature.

Led by a handpicked team of biologists, technologists and rebellious entrepreneurs, Insempra is here to create a new school of thought and collective action. The time has come to restore the balance between people and the planet. We are not waiting for change. We do what needs to be done to develop a better future.

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About Solena materials

Solena is a protein materials design company. We use advanced computational design, machine learning and automation to accelerate the development of bespoke materials for multiple industries, from fashion apparel to medical textiles. Our new protein-based fibers will replace materials extracted from nature such as silk and materials derived from petrochemicals, to create a new world of biodegradable, functional and sustainable smart materials for consumers, industry and the planet.

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