Every good investor must be well informed about the opportunities offered by the market. Despite being in August, there is still a lot of movement, and the options for finding a good investment are expanding. With binary options trading, we can achieve a good return in a short period of time if we stay well informed, follow a well laid out plan and properly manage the risk.

With this, we can see that there are many opportunities to make money in summer but, what can be the 5 investments that give money in the coming weeks?

Profitable investments in binary options

Profitable investments in binary options

The gold. In the raw materials market, gold is still a value to consider. However, this metal has moved in recent times in negative patterns which has increased in a departure from many investors to other values.

It seems that “the gold rush” we had between 2007 and 2011, the years in which the financial crisis was more aggressive, are over. At that time, it was the refuge value that everyone went to.

But the commodities market is no longer at its best and gold has suffered some turbulence that has taken away investors who bet primarily to minimize risk. However, with binary options trading, the investor can find the right time to bet on gold and get a high profit as we have already verified.

Coke. The American multinational beverage company has taken a turn these days in its commercial strategy in Europe. Coca-Cola European Partners is a company that arises after the merger of the three main bottling companies of the firm.

Among them we find the Spanish Iberian Partners, which will be the axis around which the new company will revolve and will go public next year, becoming one of the protagonists of the Ibex 35 since it would be the sixth company by market capitalization.

In this scenario


is it a good time to invest in Coca-Cola? Although sales of soft drinks are not on the rise due to the change of customs of many consumers towards more natural drinks, Coca-Cola is an interesting low-risk asset for investors, especially after the creation of the new bottling plant.

Google. Attention to this asset since there are major changes in Mountain View. The Californian technology company is now called Alphabet (including Google as one of its several subsidiary companies), finishing off the biggest strategic turn of its young history.

While analysts discuss the effects that these changes can have on their many companies, investors can take advantage to benefit from an asset that is moving upward in recent days. In fact, some experts believe that this shift towards Alphabet is, mainly, a strategy to maintain innovation and startup culture, a kind of step to business maturity but maintaining the strengths that have made Google the leader of its sector.

Oil. Crude oil is down. The most harsh analysts believe we can face the biggest oil price crisis since the 1980s. However, for investors who know how to navigate a troubled river and get opportunities for turbulent situations, this first matter may be interesting.

Through binary options trading, we can opt for a put at the right time and reap an important benefit. The question is: has the price of oil bottomed out? Difficult to position, but the scenario suggests that we are about to see the oil grow again, even slightly.

Currency. Investing in currencies is always a good option to get great benefits

Currency. Investing in currencies is always a good option to get great benefits

you just have to choose the right time and the right currency exchange. As we saw, an investor achieved a great return by betting on GBP / USD. However, the most popular currency and from which the greatest benefits are usually obtained is EUR / USD.

To achieve success in the currency market through binary options, we must be well informed and follow a good strategy. If we do not have much experience, it is appropriate to start with a minimum capital and rely on a good simulator that provides us with the necessary guidance to master the investment scenario.