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If a mom gets the top spot on the biggest show in town watching her kids grow up, then consider Kimone Brown a lucky mom because her son, Amir Nembhard, is the star of her household.

Her recent shining moment, captured on candid camera, surrounded preparations for the start of the school year. The social media video shows the first boy in action having a heated discussion with his dad about an expensive school shoe purchase.

If you know the lines “Explain that to me” or “You’re going to buy it”, then you know his class act.

In an interview with the gleanerBrown put the video in context, saying the scene was actually three minutes long and she had already made the purchase.

“I actually posted the video in the middle. We were already in the store, and I sent pictures to his dad, told him the price, and he told me to buy the shoes. I so I bought it, and his dad would have refunded the purchase. What you saw was that we were going back to the store because of the price,” she said. Living.

And Amir was determined to defend his decision and that of his mother. This is not his first viral video. He was once highlighted for his spirited prayer for his bullies, asking God to fix the enemy’s business for his misdeeds.

Brown explained that this has always been his personality, “Amir has always been outgoing and expressive – not shy at all. surrounding: her, as well as those of her father, grandmother and uncle, she also revealed that he was intelligent, demanding, very loving and direct by nature.

His goal was to show off his outgoing personality for laughs and entertainment, as his friends couldn’t get enough of the comedy. Once she signed up for TikTok and started sharing videos, she was surprised and received mixed reviews.

Some fans were enthusiastic about his bold approach to issues and applauded him for standing up for what he believed in. Some were there just for laughs and comments. And there were others who called out the mother for her son’s “misbehaviour”, toying with the idea that the child should be seen and not heard.

” I do not believe it. I wasn’t raised that way, and I like that Amir speaks his mind. I saw a man in the comments section now say he will keep beating him. Why? For making his point? It’s abuse there,” she said.

Although she is open to suggestions, Brown admitted that her parenting style is similar to the treatment she received from her mother and grandmother. Able to speak her truth and ask questions for most of her life, she encourages Amir to do the same.

But it’s not always a walk in the park. “He is very respectful most of the time. And he knows the difference between good and evil. So there are times when I give him the look, and he immediately apologizes or behaves. Then, when it came to discipline, the mother of one said she was taking away privileges like screen time. And it works for her.

“At the end of the day, I can’t tell anyone how to raise their child or children. I just have to be the best parent for my son. And the irony is that he’s not like that at school. He is very reserved and quiet. He only recently came out of his shell because his teachers saw the videos.

His mother is delighted that Amir likes the spotlight – she prefers that to a quiet child. And he’s happy that others find him smart and hilarious. And he loves making videos and going viral. He is already learning to filter out naysayers, with the full support of his mother and family. When he’s not busy playing at the zoo, the star boy enjoys spending quality time with his family at home. He is also a great dancer and never hesitates to show off his moves.

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