Leica S3 special edition in red color limited to only 10 cameras worldwide

Leica is known for having limited editions of its classic M rangefinder cameras, both commercially and for special limited edition projects with various luxury fashion houses, photographers and celebrities.

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However, now is the time for its medium-format S range to continue this extremely limited (and no doubt exceptionally expensive) tradition, with the Leica S3 64MP now coming in the form of the Leica S3 Edition Sandro Miller, which has been revealed for the first time on the Facebook page of the Leica Store Lisse in the Netherlands.

This Sandro Miller edition is a bright red S3, with a small limited run of only 10 units worldwide. This collaboration with Leica first took the form of a book presenting the work of the photographer, Death in the desert, who detailed his covid experience. The entire book was shot on the Leica medium format S-range system, resulting in very detailed photographs.

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Leica S3 Sandro Miller Edition

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Leica S3 Sandro Miller

(Image credit: Leica)

The book has been out for a while, and now the collaboration between Leica and Miller continues in the limited edition camera. It features a stunning red leatherette handle, which visually matches the red theme of the book. Each model bears Sandro’s signature displayed on the top, and on the clog you will find the numbered edition of the 10 available.

It’s something to see a Leica M special edition, but having this collaboration with Leica’s S range is an interesting decision – and if you like the new colorway and are happy to part with an astronomical sum (TBC) money and own a rather interesting Leica collectible, then this camera is for you.

The Leica S3 is the flagship of the manufacturer’s medium format range. It features an all-new 64MP 30 x 45mm medium format sensor, capable of shooting 3.5 frames per second, with a higher ISO range of 50,000 as well as expanded 4K video capabilities. The S3 is a powerful and luxurious solution for medium format imaging for use in the studio and in the field.

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