Looking for a new makeup bag? The collaboration of Métier and Westman Atelier is the secret to staying organized in style

It may be surprising that until recently Gucci Westman never met a makeup bag that she loved. As veteran makeup artist and founder of own beauty brand Westman Atelier laments, “After a number of uses, they all became black holes.” That’s why, when she finally decided to design the cosmetic bag of her dreams, she called on Melissa Morris of Métier, whose luxurious leather luggage is as practical as it is chic.

Launched online today, the Collaboration of the Year consists of a small pouch for a handful of midday touch-up essentials; a larger pouch, completed with a vegan leather strap; and a structured train body, which has been meticulously fitted with a multitude of interior compartments. “I wanted it to turn into a mini trunk, a home away from home,” says Morris, who was inspired by turn-of-the-century travel trunks. “The functionality of the bag really exceeded my expectations. There’s so much space, ”confirms Westman, who tested a herringbone canvas style during fashion week, filling it with hot items of the moment such as Tammy Fender’s plant milk, Mutha body butter and a new shade of his cult compact Lip Suede, which, to his dismay, left a merlot-colored mark. Morris, however, had foreseen such a makeup accident: Each of the three heroes on the go are handcrafted in Italy with waterproof fabrics and a stain-resistant heat-sealed base, designed to be wiped off in one fell swoop.

After a year 2021 spent largely reassessing its priorities and wardrobe, Westman sees heritage-inspired bullion coins as a welcome arrival. “All I want is to be more organized,” she muses. “To keep less and only have the important things that will stand the test of time. But, it turns out that even the new minimalist isn’t immune to a little blossoming. “It’s so cute to embellish it,” she says, showing off her own dusty pink case, topped with one of Métier’s signature leather charms. See it as proof of a successful partnership: in Morris’ words: “I never thought I’d put it there, but Gucci did, and now it Needs be there.”

Makeup bag Westman Atelier X Profession: Le Midi

Westman Atelier X Professional Makeup Bag: The Little One

Westman Atelier X Métier The train suitcase

Charm Alphabet Westman Atelier X Métier

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