Luxury brands like Gucci are launching wearable fitness tech; are they worth the premium?

Fashion and luxury watch brands have been tapping into the smart tech sector for quite some time now. From the $15,000 diamond-clad De Grisogono version of the Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch to Louis Vuitton’s Tambour smartwatch, luxury brands are making their mark in the smart tech space.

There have been hits and misses when it comes to these brands’ ambitious foray into the tech world. Ralph Lauren has launched PoloTech, a wearable shirt that connects to an app and uses technology from wearable technology developer OMsignal.

By all accounts, Ralph Lauren has stopped making the $300 US t-shirt. Taking existing technology and affixing their own logos is one way luxury brands are forging in the space. However, in many cases, these collaborations have been criticized and seen as pure financial grabs.

Gucci x Oura. Photo: Gucci

Gucci x Oura. Photo: Gucci

More recently, people have raised their eyebrows over the price of the Gucci x Oura fitness tracker. The double G logo and brand monogram are among the most recognizable emblems in the fashion world. Gucci tracksuits, bags and belts are popular among athletes and celebrities.

According to Gucci’s website, the Oura Ring analyzes deep sleep, REM sleep, light sleep, nighttime heart rate, daytime heart rate, optimized bedtime schedule, and more.

Ours has the same Generation 3 ring in silver on their website for US$299. The Gucci version is in black PVD titanium with details and the brand logo in gold tone. It also comes with a lifetime subscription of US$5.99 monthly subscription, which is free for new Oura Generation 3 users for the first six months.

The subscription allows users to access Oura’s catalog of audio guides for meditation, breathing and sleep.

In terms of appearance, the Oura Generation 3 ring and the Gucci x Oura ring are identical. This begs the question: is it worth dropping more than three times as much to get the designer version?

Oura’s version will do the trick if your priorities are tracking sleep, heart rate, and monitoring general fitness goals. But remember, Oura recommends wearing the ring 24/7 for accurate results. So it might be interesting for those who live and breathe fashion to get their hands on the black and gold Gucci ring.

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