Meet the entrepreneur whose yoga studio is backed by J Lo and other celebrities

“I think it’s safe to say that Eskimos love ice cream,” Shashi joked in response to my comment that he had managed to repackage and resell yoga to Indians, before exporting it to the world. . “I think we have the right combination to connect seven billion breaths through yoga,” he said, citing Sarva’s mantra.

It’s pretty impressive considering his very first yoga studio was run as a one-man show, with him wearing multiple hats as an instructor, receptionist, handyman, and cleaner.

“I had no work experience before; I had the opportunity to join my family business, but I decided to start a yoga studio. My parents supported the decision because they practice yoga themselves and have benefited enormously from it, ”he said, sharing that his father is an entrepreneur running 17 businesses with an annual turnover of around 200 million. of dollars, while his mother is “CEO of our house.” ”With interests such as yoga, alternative healing, meditation and fashion. The eldest of three children, Shashi’s younger sister is a photographer and yogini, while her younger brother is a psychology student.

Her first encounter with yoga was when, as a child, her father had to rush halfway to a yoga class and asked Shashi to complete it on his behalf.

“The year 2020 marked the end of physical studios as we knew them, and the statistics around COVID-19 have been equally alarming,” he noted, citing figures such as how more 264 million people of all ages suffer from depression (World Health Organization); between 10 percent and 30 percent of adults suffer from chronic insomnia (Sleep Foundation); about 463 million adults (aged 20 to 79) are living with diabetes (International Diabetes Federation); one in 10 women suffers from polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), with 40 percent of people with PCOS at risk for depression and self-esteem problems (Travel Healthcare); and how obesity around the world has almost tripled since 1975 (WHO).

“Stress, anxiety and obesity are all becoming a global epidemic and what better time to start yoga than now, because yoga offers a solution to all these problems? It’s not just us saying it; the whole world has realized this in the short 18-month period since the nationwide shutdowns in March 2020. Global fitness trends are dictating what users want: better health, better fitness, better nutrition , better appearance, better sleep, better mindfulness, ”he said.

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