Moving from Sedrick Irvin Jr. was a necessary move for Notre Dame

There are definitely parts of the recruiting activity that can be ugly and parts that I don’t like. One of them is when a school drops a player who has already committed to the program, and that’s what happened last week when Notre Dame dropped the running back Sedrick Irvin Jr..

Irvin had been committed to Notre Dame since September, and since making that commitment he had done everything right, and obviously he’s a top-notch young man who would fit in very well at Notre Dame. as a young man and student. In most cases, dropping a committed player in this way is something I would strongly disagree with, but the reality is that in this particular case, that’s absolutely what Notre Dame had to do.

That’s obviously better for Notre Dame, and ultimately, if Irvin cares about having a successful college football career, that’s also better for him. It wasn’t an easy decision, but it was the right decision.

Irvin has committed to a coaching position (Lance Taylorlisten)) who had a previous relationship with his father, a former Michigan State and NFL running back Sedrick Irvin Sr.. That coaching job and that relationship is no longer at Notre Dame, neither is the head coach (Brian Kelly) who signed this pledge.

The current Notre Dame running backs coach, Deland McCullough, managed to involve the Irish with a number of full-backs who are simply much better than Irvin. It’s clear from recent moves that McCullough and the offensive coordinator Tommy Ree don’t see Irvin as a player who moved the position group forward.

As tall as a young man like Irvin, and despite how he would fit in at Notre Dame as a student, he’s just not Notre Dame caliber returning to the field. Notre Dame needs better players in this position, and McCullough has heavily involved Notre Dame with much better players.

Notre-Dame was therefore left with one of the following three choices:

1) Honor Irvin’s commitment knowing that it is not what your program is looking for in the field. Perhaps he could have surprised the staff on the road, but the reality is that he was the lowest ranked player in the Irish Breakdown table and the gap between him and the other backs in the Notre Dame table was significant. Unless he turned out to be much better than expected, Irvin was destined to be buried on the depth chart if Notre Dame “honored” his pledge.

2) Continue to over-sign him and hope he gets the point and disengage, or tell him you’ll honor the pledge but you’re still going to sign at least two more fullbacks, then hope he disengages. engaged.

3) Be honest with him now that you have no more room for him in the class, give him five official visits and at least seven months to find a school that gives him a better chance of not only getting a good education , but also gives him a chance to find a place where he can enter the field.

The first two options are incredibly unfair to Irvin and are even worse. If you think a young man can’t play for you, but you’re keeping him in the class just to honor the word of someone else who’s no longer in your program, you’re not doing it at all. the honorable thing. You’re fundamentally hurting his chances

Option three might come with the most public sting from a perception standpoint, but it was the one that was the right decision for both parties. As I mentioned earlier, making this decision now removes the unnecessary and awkward “Let’s drop enough clues in the hope that he eventually chooses to leave the class” moments, and it also gives Irvin the whole month of June to make his five official visits, should he choose to do so.

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I understand why Irvin and his family might have bad feelings toward Notre Dame, and why some fans might not like the decision. The reality, however, is that the staff did the right thing, and the most difficult thing, by telling Irvin that they had no room for him in the class in the future.

Ultimately, Irvin can now find a program that thinks he can play for them and a much more favorable depth chart for his skill set. Notre Dame can now focus on players it sees as closing in on the gap in the program’s pursuit for a championship.

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