My guilty pleasure can be found at every Jersey Shore 7-Eleven

Guilty pleasure – “Something, like a movie, TV show, or piece of music, that you like and understand is not generally held in high regard, or is considered unusual.” or strange ”. – Wikipedia

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We all have one guilty pleasure, or maybe you have more than one, I know. It could be that you like sneaking onto someone’s Instagram page, or maybe you secretly like watching a random TV show. To give you an idea, here are some of the most common guilty pleasures:

  • Afternoon tea
  • Online shopping
  • Go out to eat nonstop with friends
  • Order takeaway meals several times a week
  • Eat an extra scoop of ice cream
  • Drink another glass of wine
  • Sleep late on weekends
  • Trying to take the perfect selfie
  • Fame crushes
  • Come back to the first photo on Instagram with a crush
  • harassment on Facebook

Guilty pleasures are normal and I’m proud to share some with you. I am single and am not in any type of relationship at the moment so I expect NOT to have a date in a few months once I publish this article. We do not care!

My top 3 guilty pleasures:

  1. I sometimes watch Keeping Up With the Kardashians
  2. I think it’s good to buy a drink from people I don’t even know at the bar.
  3. I’m obsessed with 7-Eleven Taquitos

Seriously, the 7-Eleven Taquito are incredibly tasty. You can order all kinds of kinds, like Buffalo Chicken Roller, Monterey Jack Chicken, Steak & Jack, Taco & Cheese Beef and Jalapeno & Cheese …

I usually order the Taco & Cheese Beef Taquito but I think they are ALL very tasty. Everyone I know thinks I’m disgusting always ordering these things but, I don’t care what they think, 7-Eleven taquitos hit differently! Do you agree?!

What are your guilty pleasures? COMMENT SHARE! – Jimmy G

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