Netflix creates a new category inspired by SNL Sketch

We can thank “Saturday Night Live” for the latest episode of Netflix creativity. The streamer caught the show’s latest episode – hosted by Jerrod Carmichael – last weekend and took notes on a sketch that inspired the platform to add a new category for its subscribers.

The ‘SNL’ music video-themed sketch – which featured cast members Pete Davidson and Chris Redd, as well as actor Simon Rex and guest performer Gunna – offered a campaign to just “an ass short film[s].” What does Netflix quoted-tweeted a video of the sketch on April 4 and wrote “great idea” next to a link to their new page also called “Short-Ass Movies”.

What is Netflix’s “Short-Ass Movies” category?

According to Netflix’s website, the “Short-Ass Movies” category includes a long list of movies that have around 90 minutes of airtime. The page is also organized by genres such as comedies, romantic comedies, thrillers, action and emotional films, as well as recently released films and those released in the last year. Standout titles in the “Short-Ass Movies” category include “Project X,” “The Lovebirds,” “Zoolander,” “The Perfect Date,” and “Texas Chainsaw Massacre.”

Netflix’s “Short-Ass Movies” was a smart concept to capitalize on, but the platform already has a “Movies Under 90 Minutes” category. However, the former seems more soothing and straight to the point. The Verge reported that a spokesperson for the streamer said the “Short-Ass Movies” page was “available as of 10:00 a.m. PT Monday 4/4.” The category is accessible on computer and via the Netflix application.

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