Netizens give the boot to Balenciaga Rs 1.4 lakh sneakers completely destroyed

Successful fashion campaigns are about starting conversations; however, not everything that gets people talking is “pretty and beautiful”. Recently, French luxury fashion brand Balenciaga unveiled its limited-edition Destroyed Paris sneaker collection for $1,850 (around INR 1.4 lakh), and has come under fire from ethical fashion advocates like Diet Prada, Livia Firth and many netizens for the exorbitant prices. Latest in fashion, the tattered sneakers destroyed with scuffs, tears and marks have received backlash for mocking homeless people and are described as a “pre-worn look” by the brand’s official website.

While songwriter Neena Roe called out Balenciaga for its “poverty-chic” design, ethical fashion advocate Livia Firth (ex-wife of actor Colin Firth) penned a post slamming the campaign. “Buying something so wrecked is beyond offensive to people I’ve met who wore shoes like these because they couldn’t even afford basic meals. What is Balenciaga trying to say? Fashion is an art, yes, and there have been many provocations throughout its history. But what is the statement here? expressed Firth in a livid Instagram post.

Marketing ploy

Digging through these expensive and completely destroyed sneakers, many netizens followed the brand with memes and sarcastic comments. But industry experts call it smart marketing risk for advertising. According to Anchit Kapil, co-founder of sneaker and lifestyle brand Crepdog Crew, “It’s a marketing ploy by Balenciaga to catch the eye. I doubt there’s much interest or demand in the subcontinent, especially when it comes to resale. Every college student in India has a pair of Converse that looks like this after the monsoon.

All kidding aside, while the “worn” look is all the rage, there’s a very thin line between fashioning a worn look and something that looks dirty. Balenciaga, as a major brand, can afford such marketing risks.

Classic notoriety

Although claims of “poverty chic” and “homeless fashion” have backfired on many brands in the past, this is a time-tested approach to bohemian fashion. According to veteran model and shoe lover Amit Ranjan, “I think the weathered look will be called classic because it has survived the test of time and caught on mass labels. Fashion s always inspires life, and distressed trends are inspired by a hippie, a bohemian traveler or a biker who sports a distressed look by choice.It’s the original cool and people find it fascinating, that’s why the so-called homeless look has always been in. I think the design team at Balenciaga had to work hard to create an aged look and turn it into utilitarian art. keep in mind the technical side of the shoe and believe me it’s hard work people usually rate the product The price of the limited edition is subject to interpretation it could be sarcasm or maybe that the shoe makes fun of the rich who will pay just because it’s Balenciaga To me it’s a brilliant story e.

Crossing the fine line:

Whether we like it or not, the biggest challenge for the brand is always to convert the controversy into sales. While provocative art and fashion have always offended certain sections of society, there is a fine line between free speech and ridicule. In keeping with the classic appeal of such campaigns and trends, GICW designer Charini Suriyage summarizes, “I would vouch for timeless fashions rather than extreme fashions. Luxury brands are powerful and impactful when they manipulate a trend to communicate important social messages or concepts that are more about press impact than increasing results.

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